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Customized special construction

If you want something that we don't have in our standard product range, we can perform a calculation on your potential special-built machine with the help of technical draftsmen. We combine the latest developments in special construction with the most modern manufacturing technologies. In this way, together with the technical specialists, an optimal solution is offered with which we help you to transform your challenge into a suitable machine. See below some special construction projects.

Service and City

When a malfunction or maintenance has to be done on your excavator, it is important that this is done by a professional. That is why our mechanics are given the opportunity to follow training courses at Develon. In this way they also learn from each other internally and we keep everyone sharp and up to date with regard to the latest technical developments. We stand for optimally performing machines that help you to be successful. We can only achieve this if we have the best people on the road and on location. We therefore guarantee that we are always there for you and come up with a solution.

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