Doosan DX250WMH-5


Fashion model Doosan DL06
Amount of cilinders 6
Rated power at 1900 rpm (SAE J1995) 129.4 kW (176 hp)
Rated power at 1900 rpm (SAE J1349) 123.2 kW (167.6 hp)
max. torque at 1400 rpm 82 kgf m
Stationary (low - high) 800 [±10] - 2000 [±25] rpm
Displacement 5890 cm³
Bore x Stroke Length 100mm x 125mm
starter motor 24 V / 6 kW
Batteries, alternator 2 x 12 V / 150 Ah - 24 V / 80 Ah
Air filter With double element and turbo dust collector with pre-filter

Hydraulic System

Main pump (2) Parallel bent shaft, axial piston
Maximum System Pressure - Attachment 38 MPa
Maximum System Pressure - Driving / Working 35 MPa

Hydraulic cylinders

One-Piece Boom (2) 120 x 85 x 1240mm
arm (2) 115 x 80 x 1068mm
attachment 120 x 80 x 1060
Stabilizers (2/4) 130 x 80 x 391


Head (2) Parallel bent shaft, axial piston, 2 x 236 l/min
pilot Gear, 27.4 l/min, 4 MPa
To steer Gear, 69 l/min, 18 MPa
Brake Gear, 22.4 l/min, 15.4 MPa

Swivel Mechanism

Slew Speed 9.8 rpm
Maximum swing torque 6387 kgf m


A-weighted sound pressure level at the operator, LpAd (ISO 6396:2008) 63 dB(A)
A-weighted sound power level at the driver, LWAd (2000/14/EC) 101.5 dB(A)


Travel speed (creep / low / high) 4 / 9 / 20 km/h
Maximum traction 12,000 kg
Maximum turning radius 7.2 m
Climbing ability 33º / 65%

Filling capacity

Fuel tank 300 l
Cooling system 24 l
Engine oil 25 l
Swivel installation 5 l
Hydraulic oil tank 205 l
urea tank 31.5 l

Weight of parts

Superstructure without front structure 12,065 kg
chassis 7,600 kg
pre-construction 4,010 kg
Counterweight 5,200 kg
6.5 m . boom 2,000 kg
Gooseneck arm of 4.5 m 1,200 kg
Straight arm of 4 m 1,380 kg
Hydraulically elevated cab 1,190 kg
Stabilizer 1,221 kg
Stabilizer Cylinder (each) 113 kg

Doosan DX250WMH-5

Doosan special
Hydraulically adjustable cab
Support legs mounted at the front and rear of the machine

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Service and City

When a malfunction or maintenance has to be done on your Doosan excavator, it is important that this is done by a professional. That is why our mechanics are given the opportunity to follow training courses at Doosan. In this way they also learn from each other internally and we keep everyone sharp and up to date with regard to the latest technical developments in the profession. We stand for optimally performing machines that help you to be successful. We can only achieve this when we have the best people on the road and on location to keep your earth-moving machines running optimally. We therefore guarantee that we are always there for you and come up with a solution.

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