Doosan DL350-5


Model Doosan DL08
Complies with regulations Stage IV
No. cilinders 6
Rated gross power at 1800 rpm 202 kW (275 pk)
Maximum gross torque at 1300 rpm 1275 Nm
Stationary (low - high) 800 - 2100 [±20] rpm
Cylinder capacity 7,64 l
Bore x stroke length 108 x 139 mm
Startmotor 24 V / 6 kW
Accu's / dynamo 2 x 12 V / 200 Ah - 24 V / 80 A
Airfilter Top Spin ™ Donaldson® centrifugal prefilter with two-stage dry filter
Cooling Cooling package with automatic reversing fan for easy cleaning of the radiator. Automatic adjustment of the rotation speed according to the temperature conditions


Type ZF 5 WG 230 + lock-up
Torque converter Simple phase / single phase / fixed wheel stator
Forward gears: 1-2-3-4-5 6,2 / 11,5 / 17,6 / 27,2 / 36,2 km/u
Reverse gears: 1-2-3 6,5 / 12,1 / 28,6 km/h
Maximum traction 18.700 kg
Maximum climbing ability 27º / 51%


LSD barrier ratio 30% (front and back)
HDL blocking ratio 100%
Sling angle ±12º
Tire size, standard 23.5R25 (L3)

Hydraulic system

Type Closed hydraulics with load sensing
Mainpump Double axial piston pump with variable displacement
Maximum flow 290 l/min
Maximum pressure 250 bar
Pilot-system Standard automatic functions to position the bucket for digging plus a function to stop the lift arm at the desired height by manually operating the switch
Filtration The glass fiber filter in the oil return line to the tank filters out particles from 10 microns


Lift arm - up 5,8 s
Lift arm - down 3,2 s
Bucket - reject 2,2 s
Bucket - dump 1,4 s


Brake distance 12,00 bij 32 km/h
Number of brake discs per wheel (front / rear) 5 /5
Accumulators 0,75 l - 30 bar


Safety standards ROPS ISO 3471:2008, FOPS ISO 3449
Door 1
Emergency exit 2
A-weighted sound pressure level at the driver (ISO 6396) According to specification: 68 dB (A), measured: 67 dB (A)
A-weighted sound power level outside the machine (ISO 6395) According to specification: 105 dB (A), measured: 104 dB (A)

Filling capacity

Fuel tank 241 l
Ureumtank 38 l
Cooling system 50 l
Engine oil 35 l
Front axle 40 l
rear axle 40 l
Hydraulic system 117 l
Transmission oil 42 l

Steering system

Type Load sensing with gain and priority valve
Steering corner 40º
Oil flow 145 l/min
operating pressure 200 bar
Control cylinders (2) Emergency steering system with electric motor driven hydraulic pump
Bore x rod diameter x stroke (mm) 100 x 50 x 450 mm

Pressure settings

Working (pump cut off) 250 ± 10 bar
Power steering at LS port 185 ± 5 bar
Power steering at power steering pump 200 ± 5 bar
Pilot control 28 + 2 bar
Charging the brake accumulator 120 ~ 140 bar
Service brake 60 ±3 bar
Motor fan 145 ± 10 bar
Unblock handbrake 120 ± 5 bar
Press for transmission selection 17 ± 1 bar

Doosan DL350-5

Doosan wheel loader

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When a breakdown or maintenance needs to be done to your excavator, it is important that this is done by a professional. That is why we train our technicians by having them follow training courses at Doosan and learning from each other internally. We stand for optimally performing machines that help you to be successful. We can only achieve this when we have the best people on the road and location. We therefore guarantee that we are always ready for our customers and always offer a solution.

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