Charging infrastructure

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Due to growth in the purchase of our electric earth-moving and excavating machines, the arrival of a so-called 'charge infra' branch became an integral part of our company and offering. With Electric, a Staad brand, we are engaged in the conversion of various electric earth-moving and excavation machines.

With FusionĀ®, also a Staad brand, we're going deeper into the charging infrastructure. So don't, good luck with the machine and see you soon. The professionals at FusionĀ® will be happy to visit you to look at and advise you on the possibilities of optimal green energy supply. Especially here, but also on the project site, the customer needs the right charging infrastructure so they can work carefree. 

Climate change is making an increasing impact, which is why we see the need to strive for an emission-free future. We tackle this primarily by working together and taking away the worry that the energy transition brings. We think in terms of possibilities. 

Just as with conventional and electric machines, after purchasing our products you can always contact us for the best service. For more information please visit the Fusion website where you can find even more information about our charging solutions and battery storage systems. 

DX165W 7 Electric Staad Powerbox400 Emissieloze Mobiele Graafmachine Grondverzetmachine

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