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Staad is the importer and dealer of Doosan earthmoving equipment for the Central and Southern provinces of the Netherlands.

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The power of Staad and Doosan

Staad is a young company founded in 2013. Our goal is "to deliver optimal performing machines that help our customers to be successful". For us this means not only delivering the best quality machines, but also provide the best spare parts and service. From day one we worked hard with our team to establish Staad to where we are today. Every day we work on an even better Staad and we strive to do everything we do better every day and always see our customers as the starting point.

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Do you want to know more about our machines?

Do you want to know more about our machines?

Cor, Pieter, Johan and Joost know every detail of the machines. They love to tell you more about it.

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Service and Staad

When a machine breaks down or maintenance needs to be performed to your excavator, it is important that this is done by a professional. That is why we train our technicians with training courses at the Doosan European training facility and provide trainingcourses within Staad teached by our own experienced technicians. We stand for optimally performing machines that help you to be successful. We can only achieve this when we have the best people on the road and in our workshops. We therefore guarantee that we are always here for our customers and always offer a solution.

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