DX355LC Electric

DX355LC Electric

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We are launching the DX355LC Electric, 35 ton crawler excavator. This crawler is 100% emission-free but has the high productivity you would expect. The DX305LC Electric is powered by an electric motor that delivers 145 kW of rated power. The machine has two interchangeable battery packs (Megaboxes), with a total available power of 800 kW. This allows the machine to operate for 10 consecutive hours.

Thanks to the easy-to-change battery packs and the fact that the machine can also run on an individual battery, it is possible to use the machine 24/7. Changing the two battery packs is as quick as refueling your diesel machine. Each battery pack consists of LFP modules. The system voltage is 650 V and the available capacity per battery pack is 400 kWh. By using the high voltage system, there is less loss and greater efficiency is achieved by the battery packs.

Electric engine

Rated power 200 kW

Charging time

Charging cable CCS2 connector
On board charger 2 x 22 kW - Totally 44 kW
120 kW - DC 3.2 hours charging time (per battery)
380 V / 63 A - AC 17.5 hours charging time (for 2 batteries)
380 V / 32 A - AC 35 hours charging time (for 2 batteries)
380 V / 16 A - AC 70 hours of charging time (for 2 batteries)
Note Indicated charging times are from completely empty: 0% to completely full: 100%


Battery type LFP | 400 kWh per Megabox
High voltage system


NEN ISO 5006 Operator view
IP 65 > Dust and waterproof
EMC R10 Automotive European certified, automotive approval on all components
R100 Inspection electrical safety battery UN38.8 transport

DX355LC Electric


  • Removable batteries
  • Can be used for 10 hours

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