Doosan DX255LC-7

Doosan DX255LC-7

4 Doosan DX255LC-7 4 Doosan DX255LC-7 4 Doosan DX255LC-7 4 Doosan DX255LC-7

The highest bucket and digging forces ensure that the Doosan DX255LC-7 crawler excavator can be used for many different tasks. A real all-rounder!


Fashion model Doosan DL06P
Amount of cilinders 6
Rated power at 1900 rpm (SAEJ1195) 141.3 kW (189 hp)
Rated power at 1900 rpm (SAEJ1349) 138 kW (185 hp)
Rated power at 1900 rpm (ISO 9249) 137 kW (186 hp)
max. torque at 1400 rpm 82 kgf-m (804 Nm)
Stationary (low-high) 800 [±50] - 2000 [±50] rpm
Displacement 5890 cm³
Bore x Stroke 100 x 125mm
starter motor 24V x 6kW
Batteries, alternator 2 x 12 V, 150 Ah - 24 V, 100 A
Air filter With double element and turbo dust collector with pre-filter

Machine in the spotlight

Hydraulic System

Main pumps (type) 2 x Variable displacement axial piston pumps
Maximum flow at 1900 rpm 2 x 220 l/min
Servo pump (type) gear pump
Maximum flow at 1900 rpm 28.5 l/min
Relief valve setting
attachment 350 kg/cm²
To travel 350 kg/cm²
swivel 275 kg/cm²
pilot 40 kg/cm²

Swivel Mechanism

Maximum swing speed 10.01 rpm
Maximum swing torque 9880 kgf-m


Travel speed (low-high) 3.2 - 5.6 km/h
Maximum traction 28.5 t
Maximum climbing ability 35º / 70%

Doosan DX255LC-7

Doosan crawler excavator

  • Powerful, economical 6-cylinder engine
  • Available with two-piece boom

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