Doosan wheel loaders

Product advantages

Whether you are moving soil or construction material, loading trucks or driving silage pits. The Doosan series of wheel loaders take you straight ahead! Every machine has production-enhancing advantages such as the display with multifunctional operating settings and heavy-duty ZF shafts with 100% hydraulic locking differential. Power and intelligence, a winning combination that results in a Doosan wheel loader that performs at the highest level.

 Do you want to know more about our rental machines?

Do you want to know more about our rental machines?

Johan can tell you everything about the extensive rental fleet and which machine suits you best. For more information about rental Johan is happy to help you!

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Rental and Staad

We can adapt the machine to your specific wishes and possibly take care of the transport for you. For the extra options such as weighing systems, GPS or equipment, we work very closely with first-class suppliers who understand the importance of a positive rental experience. Naturally, the rental range is continuously expanded and supplemented, so that the best equipment can always be used.

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Want to know more about our machines?

Please contact us. We love to tell you more about it!

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