Develon DX490LC-7

Develon DX490LC-7

1 Develon DX490LC-7

The Develon DX490LC-7 crawler excavator is very powerful yet you sit in the cab with a low noise and vibration level. The heated seat with air suspension provides even more comfort! This powerhouse also has a stage 5 engine so that you can take your company one step higher on the CO2 performance ladder.


Fashion model Scania DC13
Amount of cilinders 6
Rated power at 1800 rpm (SAEJ1195) 294 kW (394.2 hp)
Rated power at 1800 rpm (SAEJ1349) 289 kW (387.6 hp)
max. torque at 1300 rpm 189.8 kgf m @ 900 - 1500 rpm
Stationary (low-high) 750 [±20] - 1900 [±25] rpm
Displacement 12,700 cm³
Bore x Stroke 130 x 160mm
starter motor 24V x 6kW
Batteries, alternator 2 x 12V, 200Ah - 28V, 100A
Air filter With double element and dust collector with pre-filter according to the cyclone type

Hydraulic System

Main pumps (type) Two axial piston pumps with variable displacement
Maximum flow at 1800 rpm 2 x 390 l/min
Servo pump (type) gear pump
Maximum flow at 1800 rpm 24 l/min
Relief valve setting
attachment 387.5 kg/cm²
To travel 350 kg/cm²
swivel 300 kg/cm²
pilot 40.8 kg/cm²

Swivel Mechanism

Maximum swing speed 9.2 rpm
Maximum swing torque 20,130 kgf-m


Travel speed (low-high) 3.2 - 5.6 km/h
Maximum traction 45.7 t
Maximum climbing ability 35º / 70%

Develon DX490LC-7

Develon crawler excavator

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