Develon DL320-7

Develon DL320-7

1 Develon DL320-7

The Develon DL320-7 wheel loader is powered by a Develon DL08 engine that meets Stage V emissions regulations. High-pressure fuel injection and precise timing provide highly efficient fuel combustion. The aftertreatment system is composed of a selective catalytic reduction module, an oxidation catalyst, and a long-life diesel particulate filter to reduce emissions without requiring an EGR (exhaust gas recirculation) valve.


Fashion model Doosan DL08
Regulatory Compliance Stage V
Amount of cilinders 6
Rated gross power at 1800 rpm 202 kW/271 hp
Maximum gross torque at 1300 rpm 1275 N m
Bore x Stroke Length 108mm×139mm
Batteries, alternator 2 × 12V - 24V, 80A
Air filter Centrifugal Precleaner Top Spin™ Donaldson® with 2 Stage Drying Filter
Cooling Cooling package with automatic fan reversing to facilitate radiator cleaning. Automatic adjustment of rotation speed according to temperature conditions.

Hydraulic System

Type Closed Center Hydraulic System
main pump Dual Variable Displacement Axial Piston Pumps
Maximum flow 290 l/min
Maximum pressure 250 bar
Pilot System Automatic functions to position the bucket ready to dig and a function to stop the lift arm at the desired height.
Filtration In the oil returns to the tank, the fiberglass filter has a filter capability of 10 microns.


LSD barrier ratio 30% (front & rear)
HDL lock ratio 100% (front)
pendulum angle ±12º

Develon DL320-7

Develon Wheel Loader

  • Stage V
  • High comfort

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