Develon DL580-7

Develon DL580-7

2 Develon DL580-7 2 Develon DL580-7

The Develon DL580-7 wheel loader is a real powerhouse. Does something have to be resisted? No problem! This Develon DL580-7 wheel loader should certainly succeed. In addition, the new design and cabin contribute to an even higher comfort for the operator.


Fashion model Scania DC13
Regulatory Compliance Stage IV
Amount of cilinders 6
Rated Gross Power at 1800 rpm (SAE J1995) 283 kW (380 hp)
Maximum gross torque at 1300 rpm 1765 Nm
Stationary (low - high) 750 - 2200 rpm
Displacement 12.7 l
Bore x Stroke Length 130 x 160mm
starter motor 24 V / 6 kW
Batteries, alternator 2 x 12 V / 150 Ah - 28 V / 100 A
Air filter Centrifugal Donaldson® Pre-Filter with Two-Stage Dry Filter
Cooling Cooling package with automatic reversing fan for easy radiator cleaning. Automatic rotation speed adjustment according to temperature conditions


Type 5-speed PowerShift automatic with lock-up
Gears forward: 1-2-3-4-5 6 / 12 / 19 / 26 / 37 km/h
Reverse gears: 1-2-3 6 / 12 / 26 km/h
Maximum traction 31,000 kg
Maximum climbing ability 30º / 58%


front axle Heavy duty with HDL
rear axle Heavy Duty OPEN
pendulum angle ±10º
Tire size, standard 29.5R25 (L5)

Hydraulic System

Type Closed load sensing hydraulic system
Maximum flow 210 l/min
Maximum pressure 250 bar
Pilot System Standard automatic functions to position the bucket for digging plus a function to stop the lift arm at the desired height by operating the switch manually
Filtration The glass fiber filter in the oil return line to the tank filters out particles from 10 microns

lifting arm

Lift arm - up 6.6 sec
Lift arm down 4.6 sec
Bake - retract 1.2 s
Bake - deposit 1.2 s


Safety standards ROPS ISO 3471:2008, FOPS ISO 3449
Door 1
emergency exits 2
A-weighted sound pressure level at the operator, LpAd (ISO 6396) According to specification: 72 dB(A), measured: 71 dB(A)
A-weighted sound power level outside the machine, LwAd (ISO 6395) According to specification: 107 dB(A), measured: 106 dB(A)

Develon DL580-7

Develon Wheel Loader

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