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Topics such as corporate responsibility and sustainability are high on the agenda in the world, including in our industry and within ourselves. Many entrepreneurs are looking into how they can contribute and make progress on the CO2 performance ladder. We know solutions such as alternative fuels to run more economically. But can it also be done in another way? Yes, that's possible. Our electrical machines are the answer.

Durable, safe and battery-replaceable, these are the new electric Doosan excavators that Staad has introduced together with UMS and Ploegam. The testing of the Doosan DX300LC Electric is in full swing! We show that it is possible to make a difference and to run electrically. There is no need for a diesel engine or fuel anymore. What exactly is that? Read on quick. Do you want to be kept informed of the developments? Then sign up for the electric machine newsletter via the button below!

Safe and trustworthy

Working with electricity can be dangerous. Also in the field. We guarantee your safety when you are working, because our electrical machines meet every necessary certification. EMCR10 automotive guidelines, IP69 sets specific requirements for safe working with electric vehicles by eliminating electrical hazards. We therefore offer you that guarantee. Our technicians are trained down to the last detail to work with electricity and to deliver every machine according to the highest quality standards. We do everything we can to deliver the machine as safely and reliably as possible.


Working all day with an electrical machine, what does that do to you? We are aware of radiation and understand very well that you ask yourself how this affects our health. For example, consider physical complaints. We understand that concern and are happy to address it. Because we work according to EMC and R10 automotive guidelines, which means that the machine is placed in a room where it is tested to test the radiation, we can assure you that every driver works safely and does not physically notice any radiation. Would you like to know more about certifications that guarantee your health and safety? You can read that here.


Health and safety are the most important pillars for us to produce electrical machines. But we offer you more. When purchasing an electric Doosan machine you are assured of convenience: we are your 'one-stop-shop'. Our technicians have all the knowledge to build and maintain your AZ machine. Need service? Our fitters are ready for you. And it is also covered by the warranty.

Never stop again

Our exchange kits make it possible for you to never stand still again when your battery is empty. this way you will never run out of power and you can even run for 24 hours if you want. Mini excavators have a fixed battery. You can charge this via a 220V charging station or optionally via a ' fast charger', then your mini digger will be charged within 1 hour.

Everything in sight

Your field of vision from the cabin remains large, as you are used to from us. Our electrical machines amply meet the visual requirements according to the NEN ISO 5006 standard. In this way, every electrical machine maintains a view to all sides and in combination with 360-degree cameras you can visualize the entire working field around your machine ( bird view). The batteries in our electrical machines are not super large, so we can build them low in the machine. This allows you to keep as much visibility as possible, unlike any other electrical machine. That's what you want, right? In addition, we integrate all data from the electrical machine with the original Doosan display in the cabin. In this way, the operator is always aware of all the details of his machine in a well-arranged way and you do not have to work with extra screens.

Knowledge in house

Because we build the machines in-house, we have all the knowledge together. Our technicians are NEN-certified and are therefore able to build your machine in accordance with all automotive laws and regulations.

Scoop: DX300LC-7

Our Doosan DX300LC-7 will be the first Doosan machine to be electrically converted. The first weeks of testing are over and the performance has so far exceeded expectations!

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