2020 Start reducing emissions by means of, for example, HVO and electrical equipment

26 November 2020

HVO or TRAXX are the most sustainable diesel fuels at the moment: fossil-free and low-emission. In early February 2020, Doosan officially announced that HVO100 can be used as an alternative to the current Diesel fuel under the Doosan factory warranty. We explain below how this works.

It is impossible to imagine life without it: the energy transition is in full swing. More and more new models are added. The demand for energy-efficient and low-CO2 emissions diesel fuels, hydrogen and hydrozine is therefore growing explosively. Yet it is certainly still possible to run CO2 neutral with a diesel-driven machine that should last for years to come. Fuel suppliers are constantly working on developing diesel fuels that have less impact on the climate or even none at all. Examples are HVO or TRAXX. These diesel alternatives offer many advantages in terms of sustainability, such as CO2 reduction, but also lower emissions of harmful emissions such as particulate matter, NOx, soot and sulphur.

TRAXX diesel has been supplying diesel fuel for more than 17 years that reduces consumption, lowers the emission of CO2 and other harmful substances and prevents bacterial growth problems in diesel tanks. The climate-neutral variant of TRAXX Diesel is TRAXX Zero. This high-quality conventional diesel complies with the EN590 standard and therefore with the requirements that manufacturers set in the context of their warranty.

What makes TRAXX Zero unique is that the remaining CO2 emissions are compensated by certified, sustainable energy projects such as wind farms. The CO2 gain achieved in this way neutralizes the company's own CO2 emissions. On balance, this creates a positive result for the climate. The system is comparable to the green power system, in which gray power is supplied that is 'greened' – or compensated – with sustainable power certificates. TRAXX Zero is an accessible, quickly applicable and inexpensive way to operate CO2-neutral, and is therefore particularly suitable for companies that want to take their first (big) steps towards sustainability.

New in the CO2-reducing range is HVO100. Compared to TRAXX Zero, this fuel has a considerably higher cost price per kg of CO2 saved, but it is a non-fossil diesel. HVO100 is produced entirely on the basis of waste products such as animal fats and used vegetable oils. This so-called synthetic diesel produces a CO2 reduction of no less than 89%. In addition, HVO100 is virtually odorless and readily biodegradable.

HVO100 does not meet all the standards
HVO complies with the new EN15940 standard, but not the EN590 standard. As a result, HVO is not covered by the warranty provisions for certain machines. This is despite the fact that the fuel can be used in most current diesel engines without any problems. However, users can easily respond to this by choosing a mix of HVO with diesel, which does comply with the requirements of the EN590 diesel standard. You can use HVO pure (HVO100) or mixed with diesel (HVO20, HVO30). The CO2 reduction is different here. For the image: with HVO20 you reduce CO2 emissions by 18%, with HVO100 the reduction is 89%.

Warranty Doosan
At the beginning of 2020, Doosan conducted extensive tests with these diesel alternatives in South Korea. This shows that our machines deliver the same performance as with a diesel fuel. That is why the use of HVO100 now has no consequences for Doosan's warranty. Does that look good! A great moment to significantly reduce the CO2 emissions of your machinery and to make a difference for clients.

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