A look into the profession of our work planner

31 October 2022

Today we give you a look at the work of our work planner. The intermediary between our customers and the workshop and extremely important to Staad. We're watching with Jordy. He enjoys his work and was eager to show us his tasks.


Jordy recently started working at Staad and immediately felt completely at home. He is 27 years old and lives in Uden. After completing the 'Mechatronics' course, he gained experience at a machine builder that is active in various branches, including: event cleaners, industry and agriculture and horticulture. First he started in the workshop, then in the warehouse and then as a work planner.

Jordan's day

Every morning Jordy sits down with our production manager Theo. Here they briefly discuss what is planned for that day and what the objectives are. Then the real work can begin. First, Jordy starts with the work preparation, where he checks which machine will arrive when and which machine has the highest priority. He does this for every type of machine: from a large Doosan crawler excavator to a compact Doosan mini-excavator. Once the machines have been put together, Jordy will mainly order the larger parts. He keeps a close eye on the delivery dates, because they have to be prepared in the warehouse for the right machine.

If the items are in the right place, the schedules for the technicians can be made. Thanks to Jordy's good work preparation, the mechanics can now get to work. During this process, Jordy always stays in contact with the mechanics, in order to pick up any improvements and to discuss the status of the machine. This way the planning remains up-to-date and customers can be kept informed.

Is there a machine completely ready? Then the subsequent calculation can begin. Jordy checks here how many hours have gone into the machine and which articles have been used exactly. The calculation can then be forwarded to the sales department.

Contact the workshop

“I am in very close contact with the workshop. You actually try to get along as much as possible and you want to know what's going on. That is why I walk around the Staad workshop every day and have a chat with the technicians to get a good picture of the situation, so I can optimize the system much better and provide the technicians with the right items.”


“I think the biggest challenge in my profession is that you really have to be flexible. Delivery dates can sometimes suddenly change and then you have to switch immediately. We have to look for solutions for this, but by communicating well with the production manager and the various departments, this always works out. I think that challenge makes my profession exciting and fun.”

A nice profession

“But what I really like most about my job is the contact between my colleagues and, of course, the suppliers. As I mentioned before, you are really busy with the people around you on a daily basis. Mechanics are happy when they have a clear schedule in front of them and customers are happy with the right machine. You pick up this positive energy and that makes you happy yourself. Applying the technical knowledge towards the customers is also something I really enjoy. Customers want certain options on their machine and I can then advise them to work together towards an optimally performing machine. In addition, you also have to be able to translate the language of the customers for the workplace.”

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