Adblue malfunction and the solution for it!

10 June 2020

Unfortunately, we hear AdBlue blockages more often than we would like. To prevent this there is a simple solution and that is to use OptiSpray Air1.

The fault occurs in machines that are idling a lot. The modern exhaust system is equipped with an SCR catalytic converter or an AdBlue catalytic converter. AdBlue must be added to this system so that the exhaust gases are cleaned. If the engine does not get warm enough because you are idling a lot, for example, a malfunction can occur because the AdBlue crystallizes.

Optispray has an additive that ensures that the water has a lower surface tension, so that it is atomized faster and is better absorbed at lower temperatures and lower flow. Like AdBlue, OptiSpray is a colorless ammonia solution and complies with ISO 22241.

Why can blockage occur?
In addition to trucks, more and more off-road applications are equipped with AdBlue catalysts. Tractors, shovels, excavators and trucks are sometimes used for a short time or idle a lot. In addition, we see that sometimes the distance of the exhaust system between the engine and the catalytic converter is too large, so that the exhaust gases do not reach the required temperature. If the exhaust temperature is not sufficient, the AdBlue will not "mix" properly in the system. This can cause regular AdBlue to clot/crystallize.

Shelf life OptiSpray/ AdBlue advice
A constant temperature between 0 and 25 degrees is recommended for the storage of AdBlue and OptiSpray. Then the product has a shelf life of at least one and a half years (1.5 years). Avoid direct sunlight. Above 40 degrees, the shelf life drops drastically.

Shelf life table Adblue/ OptiSpray
Constant storage temperature Minimum shelf life
0 – 25 C 18 months
< 30 12 months
< 35 6 months
> 35 possible strong decline in shelf life

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