Adjustments regarding CO2 reduction obligation

07 January 2021

CO2 reduction obligation
The ( central government , 2020) recently announced that institutions and companies will be subject to a CO2 reduction obligation from 2023. For example, these institutions and companies are obliged to take CO2 reducing measures in addition to energy-saving measures.

The important changes for the construction industry
The new savings obligation applies to companies that consume more than 50,000 kWh or 25,000 m² of natural gas per year. A new feature is that some companies that have obtained an environmental permit (so-called 'non-complex' companies) will also have to meet their savings obligations after 2023.

For companies that consume 10 million kilowatt-hours of energy or 170,000 m3 of natural gas (equivalent) per year, extensive energy-saving studies must be carried out. An investigation into this is still underway.

Other changes for 2023 are

  • Effective management and maintenance measures (DBO) are more clearly included in energy saving obligations.
  • Installation of solar panels will become mandatory on roofs and unused surfaces in the built environment (with a maximum payback period of 5 years). But since there are hardly any internal measures that can recoup costs within five years, there will not be many consequences for the time being. When heat pumps, process electrification and solar panels become cheaper, they will eventually make it onto the list.
  • Energy-saving obligations apply immediately for approximately 14,000 simple companies that require an environmental permit.

What has stayed the same?
The principle of energy saving obligations remains unchanged. In this way, the payback period for mandatory measures is a maximum of 5 years. The system of recognized measures will also be maintained. The follow-up measures and extension of the existing energy pact are currently being discussed with the business community. The current LTA3/MEE treaty expired at the end of 2020. For ETS companies (companies that emit greenhouse gases), further research will be conducted into their savings potential.

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