Automatic greasing on every machine

12 October 2021

Wiejelo was founded in 2011 by Berry Boertien and a partner. Berry had been working in the world of automatic lubrication systems for some time and through a customer he came into contact with a company in Indonesia that requested automatic fire extinguishing systems for mining machines. In the ten years that followed, the company from Apeldoorn grew into a major supplier of lubrication and fire extinguishing systems for all industries with heavy equipment. Wiejelo now employs 25 people, many of whom are field technicians. This enables Wiejelo to realize a complete service network for the Benelux.

With the supply of automatic lubrication systems, Wiejelo mainly focuses on the quality of assemblies. In addition, the progressive Wiejelo system has many advantages. Beyond the standard benefits of automatic lubrication. For example, the system always works with NLGI2, but if desired, 0 fat can also be added. The Wiejelo Max pump has an integrated timer, with which the lubrication time can be accurately adjusted to the second. In addition, it is a self-venting system that ensures fewer malfunctions and downtime. Together with the mixing paddle, this system ensures that the new grease is always mixed with the old grease. This results in trouble-free and care-free running.

How do you turn?
Not everyone uses their machine in the same way. For example, Wiejelo technicians sometimes visited a customer on request who felt that his machine was lubricating too much. On location it turned out that the company was busy laying a gas pipeline. The work required that a gas pipe had to be held up for a longer period of time, so that both the machine and the lubrication system continued to run. The solution was as simple as it was effective: with an accessible timer, the pump could be fully adapted to the specific work need.

Notification in the cabin
We carry out large equipment from 10 tons with a regreasing button. This is an LED illuminated button that lights up immediately when the lubrication pump is empty. As soon as the button is pressed, an additional greasing cycle starts. It will stop automatically when the pause time expires. This allows the operator to have the machine lubricate a little while dredging a ditch.

Tilt turner
The Wiejelo system also distinguishes itself by separately adjusting the supply of grease to the tiltrotator when building the system. How? By means of an adjustable pump element. In this way the system gives more or less grease, without this affecting the further performance of the machine.

We briefly talk to driver Jan, van Visser Hoogeloon about his experiences with the Wiejelo automatic lubrication system. ''On my previous machine I always had trouble with the lubrication system. Somehow they never got it right and finely tuned. I've had this machine for a while now and I have to say that I don't have to worry about it at all. It does not apply too much and not too little, just great! Enjoy working very much. The most important thing for me is that I don't have to worry about it anymore. They did a really great job of adjusting at Wiejelo '', says Jan.

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