Brute force with Tommy Trommelen

07 December 2021

It is sometimes said in the industry that a salesman is often the first machine for a customer
sells and the service department every subsequent one. That certainly applies to Tommy Trommelen. “Staad has made Doosan great in the South. I am a fan of another brand, but the drivers are very satisfied and I dare to say that there is no other dealer in the Netherlands that has its aftersales better organized than Staad. The next excavator will probably be a Doosan again.”

This article not only focuses on a DX170W-5, but also on the close relationship between dealer and customer. Tommy Trommelen of the Trommelen Group from Brunssum in South Limburg has a
good, friendly relationship with the brothers Pieter and Sijmen Staadegaard. When Roderique Huls no longer saw a future as Sales Manager in the truck industry, Tommy advised him to inquire at Staad. Over time, this resulted in an appointment as Sales Manager for Limburg as of September 1.

In Tommy's familiar office, Roderique – now dressed in a Staad fleece jacket – proudly tells that he sold his first machine within a month, a 30-tonne DX300LC-7 crawler excavator. So a good entry.

Tommy is particularly interested in the compact 10-tonne wheeled excavator, which Doosan will not market for another year at the earliest. It is immediately clear that the two will pick up the band again where they previously maintained it for MAN (and also a DAF truck).

Proud of the team

After a turbulent period, Tommy has firmly regained control of his company. “I started with one mobile excavator in 2009, in the middle of the economic crisis. Where doors closed for others, I could immediately start working for the company where my father worked as a driver. Within a year I bought a second machine, on which a freelancer ran. Then a mini excavator and a tractor. This is how my company has continued to expand. I am very proud of my team, even though we have
of course experienced the necessary ups and downs.”

Tommy suffered the biggest blow in 2018, when his father, who now worked in the business, suffered a heart attack. “I was there when my dad was resuscitated. That was a traumatic experience."
remembers Trommelen. A dark period ensued.

“The real blow came half a year later. I had lost my best buddy and was really in sackcloth and ashes. Nothing could interest me anymore. Much equipment was standing still and the story even went around in the area
that bankruptcy was imminent. Then I went to all my clients to tell my story.”

Go with the flow

Tommy had just moved into a new building and realized that there was still plenty of beauty to fight for. “From that moment on, I went with the flow again and the company has experienced good growth in all areas.” Last year, for example, investments were made in a trailer and two mobile excavators, including one
Doosan DX170W-5. This replaces the same type from 2015, which was the first in Europe at the time. In the 'Drum version' the machine is fully equipped with wide tires and mudguards, boom suspension, swing throttle, mowing bucket function, fuel tank in the undercarriage and SVAB proportional control for the
engcon tiltrotator.

The equipment fleet in Brunssum includes five mini-excavators between 1 and 6 tons, three mobile excavators from 8 to 18 tons, a 23-ton crawler excavator, two wheel loaders of 5 and 20 tons and various other small
material. A fleet of vehicles is available for transport consisting of two semi-trailers, a 4- and a 5-axle tipper truck, a loading truck and a crane truck. A second crane truck is on order. Qua
Doosans, the Trommelen Group has a DX225LC-3 for the depot and a DX170W-5, which is used on all projects in the region.

Great value for money

In addition to the productivity of the 18-ton machine, Tommy also praises the six-cylinder Doosan diesel engine, which is unprecedentedly economical and quiet. “In addition, the flexibility and user-friendliness are striking and you get a lot of value for your money,” he says enthusiastically. Quality and service, that's what it's all about for Tommy. “In that respect I am full of praise for Staad, who gets a solid 10 from me for service and communication. Whoever you talk to, everyone is equally friendly and helpful. I don't hesitate to make verbal agreements with Pieter, Sijmen or Roderique, they have never disappointed me.”

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