Certification R100

02 September 2021

It is now known to everyone that a registration requirement applies to mobile excavators from 1 January 2021. This applies to both mobile diesel excavators and electric excavators . In addition to the registration requirement for electric excavators, there will also be new regulations, including the R100.02, which can be divided into two parts;

  • (Electrical) Machine Safety
  • REESS, Rechargeable Electrical Energy Storage Systems, freely translated; rechargeable electrical energy storage systems. This definition includes electrical energy carriers (such as a battery) that are used to supply energy for locomotion. For example, a battery that powers an electric excavator is included, but a battery that is used to start a diesel engine, for example, is not.

In this way, the machine is tested for safety for both the driver and the mechanic. The focus here is to prevent the operator or mechanic from being exposed to electrical voltage. In addition, the battery is tested to see if it is safe. The battery is tested under various conditions to rule out adverse side effects and to ensure that no dangerous situations can arise.

In order to get the electric excavators fully R100 certified, several points are being looked at.

  • Protection against electrocution for operator and technician
  • Protection against (in)direct contact
  • Minimum resistance values; In this part, the voltage between the various components is measured and it is checked whether their protection is good. This means that, for example, the resistance values between the high voltage system and the chassis of the electrical machine are examined. This applies to both DC (= direct current) and AC (= alternating current).
  • Requirements for the connectors of the machine
  • Functional safety requirements. Functional safety requirements that the machine must meet are;
    • Beep when machine is in active drive mode
    • Making it impossible for the machine to move when it is enclosed on, for example, a flatbed trailer.
  • Markings that must be visible on the machine;
    • High voltage markings (yellow stickers with a black voltage icon)
    • Orange cables for high voltage provided they are not covered by formwork (enclosures)

All the above points contribute to our machines being safe. In this way we want to prevent the driver or mechanic from coming into contact with high voltage, which is of course life-threatening. In the Netherlands we are one of the frontrunners in the field of safety measures. This creates a safe working environment and hopefully we can set an example for other countries.

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