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06 October 2022

As our mission says, we provide optimally performing machines. We want to make it as easy as possible for the customer to use our machines. Charging our powerful power boxes is part of that. What is Staad's role in this? And what are the different options?


“When we sold the first electric machine , we faced a challenge on the first day. The machine would not charge, causing the operator to come to a standstill. Once we arrived at the location, we saw that the electric machine was connected to a rather fragile charging point, so it simply could not be fully charged. This problem should of course not occur more often in the future, because we cannot go to every customer. That is why we, as Staad, came up with the idea of offering loading solutions ourselves, which are included as standard with the purchase of the machine. We were able to make this possible in collaboration with a supplier and in this way we try to make it a step easier for our customer every time,'' says Sijmen Staadegaard.

Types of chargers

There are several options for loading the machine. By means of AC charging, the machines can be charged directly, without removing the power boxes. It is also possible to charge the Powerboxes by means of DC fast charging. The big difference between AC and DC charging is that with DC charging the power boxes can also be removed from the machine and transported. This way they can be charged at other points. The different types of AC and DC chargers are described below:

AC Single

With this charger, the power boxes can only be charged if they are directly connected to the machine. It has a CCS2-7 pin plug, which is also used for charging electric cars. Charging the battery boxes is done by the machine itself. The AC Single and AC Duo first ensure that one of the two battery boxes is fully charged, then they transfer to the second battery box. The charger needs 1x 32A and 380V AC to perform. The amount of amps can be adjusted, so that the speed of charging can be changed. At 32A, the minimum charge time for the Doosan DX165W Electric from one power box is 5 hours to charge to 80% SoC (State of Charge) . For one 100% fully charged power box, the charging time is at least 6 hours.

AC Duo

The AC Duo is also a charger that can only be connected directly to the machine and, like the AC Single, has a CCS2-7 pin plug. The AC Duo requires an input power of 1x 63A with 380V AC. Charging one power box is therefore a lot faster and takes at least 2.5 hours for the Doosan DX165W Electric to charge to 80% SoC. Fully charging one power box takes 3.5 hours.


Power boxes can be charged directly at the DC30 by means of a CSS type 2 plug. The charger requires a 380V AC with 50A input power to charge, so the charging speed for the Doosan DX165W Electric up to 80% SoC is a minimum of 4 hours. For a 100% full power box, the minimum charging time is 5 hours.


The mobile DC40 also has a CSS type 2 connection and can be easily moved. It requires 380V AC with a 32A or 63A input power to power the battery boxes. The charging time to fully charge one power box for the Doosan DX165W Electric is 5 hours (32A) or 2.5 hours (63A) for 80% SoC. It takes 6 hours (32A) or 3.5 hours (63A) to fully charge a power box.


The special thing about the DC60 is that there is a choice in the amount of power boxes that it has to charge. The user can set in advance whether he charges one or two power boxes. This charger requires 380V AC with 90A input power to function. As a result, it takes about 2 hours to charge one power box of the Doosan DX165W Electric to 80% SoC and 2.5 hours for a 100% full power box.


The DC120 ensures that two power boxes can be charged at the same time. This charger can charge a power box 80% SoC in one hour and requires a connection of 380V AC with 180A input power. It takes approximately 1.5 hours to fully charge one box of the Doosan DX165W Electric. This enormous speed makes the DC120 the fastest charger in the city.

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