Clean and Emission-free Building

03 November 2022

The World of eMobility fair is over. We look back on the event with a positive look and have attended a number of interesting lectures that are also very interesting for you. For example, the RVO has announced what the 'Subsidy Scheme Clean and Emission-free Building (SSEB)' for emission-free construction machines will look like in 2023 and they have provided a forecast on the theme 'Clean and Emission-free Building'. You can read it in this article.

Clean and Emission-free Building Program (SEB)

To achieve sustainability in the future and to help the construction sector on its way to clean and emission-free construction in 2030, the program 'Clean and Emission-free Building' has been drawn up. In this program there is close cooperation between governments, companies and knowledge institutions.

A SEB roadmap has been drawn up to shape sustainability in 2030. This roadmap connects the objectives in relation to nitrogen, climate and clean air and these are linked to a reduction timeline. The SEB roadmap contains , among other things, a schedule with activities that must be undertaken, but also important agreements with governments or other market parties.

Clean and Emission-free Building Subsidy Scheme (SSEB): For whom and the budget.

The SSEB is for all companies in the Netherlands that are active in the construction sector and that purchase emission-free construction machines for their own use. In addition, companies that purchase emission-free construction machines for rental or lease are also not excluded and also fall under the SSEB.

But the most important of course is the amount that the RVO exempts for the SSEB. In 2022, the total annual budget was € 25,170,000, which was soon exhausted due to high demand. This year the amount has increased by no less than 43% and comes to a total annual budget of € 36,000,000 . It is very good for the construction sector to see that the RVO has paid attention to this scheme and has allocated a larger budget for it.

The maximum subsidy for large companies is 40% per emission-free construction machine. For small and medium-sized companies, this is a maximum of 50%. This percentage is relative to the additional costs of a construction machine with a combustion engine. A company can apply for a maximum subsidy of € 300,000 per emission-free construction machine with a maximum SSEB purchase of € 1 million per calendar year. Applying for the subsidy for the year 2023 is possible from 9 May 2023 to 29 December 2023.

Conditions SSEB

To be able to participate in the SSEB scheme, the construction equipment must meet a number of conditions:

  • The construction machine must be new and completely emission-free;
  • The construction machine is intended (and is used at least 70% of the time) for carrying out construction work in the open air and in the Netherlands;
  • The construction machine has a continuous electrical capacity of 8 kilowatts or higher;
  • The construction machine for which a subsidy is received remains your property for 4 years after the subsidy has been determined.

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