Coffee at Harold Vereijken

27 March 2020

We walk in and are soon warmly welcomed by Harold himself. He works quietly behind the counter where he can also receive people himself and have an overview of the store . What immediately strikes us is the tranquility and the family feeling that prevails in this company. We get a cup of coffee and the tour of the company follows soon. Harold tells the history of the company and what is involved in doing business. A company has ups and downs, but at the moment we have the perfect team and we know no hierarchy, says Harold. I am not a boss but also just an employee, we all do it together.

The company has been around for 28 years and now has its third location. Harold Vereijken started to help other companies. He does this by selling and renting out small tools to mini diggers and knuckle mops. You can't think of it crazy enough and they have it. The tools are often rented out to private individuals in his region. People can rent the articles per day, but also for a longer period. Harold indicates that this is up to the customer and that the company responds to the customer's wishes. We always want to help our customer and look for a suitable solution for everyone. It doesn't matter to us whether this is for a short or long period of time, says Harold.

Of course we went to see his recently purchased mini diggers from Staad: the Doosan DX10z and the Doosan DX19. Harold: I used to always have Bobcats and then I got your newsletter and thought hey, Doosan looks a lot like my Bobcat. So I did some research and found out that the Bobcat mini-excavators are the same as the Doosan mini-excavators . So I ended up at Staad and I got in touch with Chris from the warehouse. He quickly helped me with the necessary parts and that's how the bond with you was formed. So far you have met all expectations. The machines run well and if I need a part it is delivered for free the next day, or we will drop by your office.

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