Coffee with driver Jan

11 June 2020

Earthmoving company Lokhorst BV from Epe purchased a beautiful young used Doosan DX300LC-5 from Staad in April this year. We are curious about the experiences of driver Jan Schoneville when we meet him at work. Jan: "My previous machine was also a Doosan I have always been able to run well with it. There has now also been a comparison with another brand, but because of the strong (lifting) performance it has become a Doosan again. I have to I was able to lift quite a bit of burden in my work so there is certainly no concession in the investment. I am super satisfied with it, this Doosan is another step forward. Again my other one has functioned well, but with this Doosan DX300LC-5 you also notice the developments that Doosan has gone through. Everything is just that little bit faster, smoother, more beautiful and certainly even more comfortable. The machine was bought used young, but it really looks like new. Also the construction of the GPS and overpressure preparation is mounted tightly, they did a good job at Staad. I embellished the machine myself with extra safety lights and that really makes this Doosan my machine. I am happy with it and I enjoy running it with great pleasure."

From Staad, we thank Jan for sharing his experiences and wish him many more safe and enjoyable operating hours.

The sale of young used machines has grown enormously in recent years at Staad. The used machines department has reliable contacts to purchase good, young used machines at competitive prices that can function well for years to come in a professional working environment. Often these purchased machines do not make it to the used Staad website page because they are already reserved/bought by a potential interested party immediately upon purchase. Buyers who are interested in a young used machine are advised to make their question known to a Staad seller, who can then successfully search for the right solution from Staad used machines.

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