CoreMANs and its machines

22 October 2019

In this edition we rename the man and his machine 'CoreMANs and his machines'. Today we are on the road in the spacious working area of the Brothers Coremans from Breda. Last year they invested in three new Doosan-5 machines. Twice a very complete mobile Doosan DX140W-5 and an extensive Doosan DX300LC-5. What, why and what about these three new Doosans?

We speak to Michel, one of the operators on the Doosan DX140W-5. We meet him on location around Breda. He praises the speed and comfort of this new investment. He explains: “I see the view from the cab as a plus, especially through the right-hand side window and the relatively low superstructure at the rear. It took me a while to get used to the chair, but I think I've found the right setting for now. A new machine always takes some getting used to. Although the good explanation of demo driver Frank Verbij helped you enormously in the first days.”

Michel continues. “For us it was very important that we could discuss how the machine should function on the joysticks and where which control buttons should be located and the like. That makes the habituation process easier for me, for example, I no longer have ambiguities in that.”

The Doosan DX300LC-5 is complete in itself, but the Coremans brothers have additional LED work lights, Verachtert CW40 hydraulic quick coupler with certified lifting hook (10T), Groeneveld central grease lubrication type Twin with 19 lubrication points, overpressure preparation and a vacuum installation. to build. Not only that, both Doosan DX140W-5 are delivered quite complete. Both machines are equipped with, among other things, an Engcon EC219 tiltrotator, a load compensator, Groeneveld automatic grease lubrication type Twin with 21 lubrication points, extra large toolbox in the undercarriage, plastic mudguards with steel top plate, converter 245/12 volt 32 ampere, overpressure preparation and also on this both machines have a vacuum installation. We wish CoreMANs and its machines a lot of safe turning pleasure!

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