Delivered machines week 17

26 April 2021

The very first Doosan -7 wheel loaders in the Netherlands are for the Rivierendriesprong ! Last week we were allowed to deliver these powerhouses. They are trading in two Doosan wheel loaders for two new Doosan DL420-7 wheel loaders . The wheel loaders meet the stage V emission requirements. This allows De Rivierendriesprong to meet the emission standards even better. In addition, they have a new cabin, which makes the comfort of the operator even higher, and a reinforced axle.

These Doosan DL420-7 wheel loaders are equipped with, among other things, a weighing system, L5 Bridgestone VJT tires, Eurosteel hydraulic quick coupler and a heavy-duty 5200 liter Eurosteel bucket.

We wish De Rivierendriesprong a lot of safe Doosan operating hours!

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