Doosan Adds Third Model to Demolition Excavator Series

15 September 2021

Doosan has launched the DX380DM-7, the third model in the new range of High Reach Demolition Excavators alongside the existing DX235DM and DX530DM models launched last year.

Impressive demolition specifications
The operator can work from a tilting cab with excellent visibility. This machine is very suitable for demolition work due to the large reach with a tilt angle of 30 degrees. The maximum pin height on the boom of the DX380DM-7 is 23 meters.

The Doosan DX380DM-7 also has a hydraulic adjustable undercarriage that extends to a maximum width of 4.37 meters to provide optimum stability. The width of the undercarriage can be hydraulically extended and retracted to a minimum length of 2.97 meters. This so that the machine can be transported properly. The automatic lubrication of the extension and retraction system in the cylinder design minimizes resistance during this movement and helps prevent component damage.

Like all Doosan demolition excavators, the DX380DM-7 is equipped with all standard safety features including a FOGS cab guard, safety valves for the boom, intermediate boom and arm cylinders and a stability warning system.

Multi-tree design for greater flexibility
Like the other models in the High-Reach range, the DX380DM-7 offers greater flexibility with a modular boom design and hydraulic locking mechanism. This innovative design makes it easy to switch between a demolition boom and an earth-moving boom so you can do different types of work on the same project with the same machine.

The multi-boom boom design allows an earth-moving boom to be mounted to the machine in two different ways, giving you more flexibility with a total of three different configurations for the same machine.

There is a special stand to make it easier to change the boom that allows you to quickly change and connect the booms. A system based on a cylinder system which ensures that the locking pins are pushed into place to complete the exchange.

When equipped with a stick, the DX380DM-7 can operate to a maximum height of 10.43 meters.

Brief Summary of Doosan DX380DM-7 Demolition Excavator Specifications
• Operating weight: 46.8 tons
• Maximum attachment weight 3 tons
• Maximum pin height 23 m
• Total width (extended) 4370 mm
• Total width (retracted) 2990 mm
• Total height in driving position 3360 mm
• Total length in driving position 15200 mm
• Ballast swing radius 3530 mm
• Maximum digging reach (stick) 11170 mm
• Maximum digging depth (arm) 7415 mm
• Maximum digging height (arm) 10435 mm
• Bucket Digging Force (ISO) 25.9 tons
• Digging force from arm (ISO) 18.9 tons
• Low range travel speed - 3.0 km/h
high range - 5.4 km/h
• Motor (SAE J1995 net) 240 kW @ 1800 RPM

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