Doosan aims for top position with new 'DL-7' wheel loader series

10 December 2020

Doosan Infracore Europe has launched the new range of 'DL-7' wheel loaders. Yesterday there was an introduction of this complete line of machines that feature an award-winning design, powered by powerful new engines that meet Stage V standards. This ensures higher productivity, greater fuel efficiency and low maintenance costs, coupled with a comfortable working environment for the operator.

In this first phase of the introduction of the DL-7 range, seven new models will be launched: the Doosan DL280-7, Doosan DL320-7, Doosan DL380-7, Doosan DL420-7, Doosan DL480-7, Doosan DL550- 7 and Doosan DL580-7. Four more models will be added in 2021: the Doosan DL200-7, Doosan DL220-7, Doosan DL250-7 and Doosan DL420CVT-7.
Speaking Charlie Park, CEO of Doosan Infracore Europe “Doosan produced its first wheel loaders in 1989, over the intervening 31 years Doosan has continuously invested to establish its position as a leading brand within the global wheel loader industry. Doosan engineers have worked hard on innovative and new developments of the wheel loader range.
“The new DL-7 models are the result of these developments and have been redesigned from the basic concept. We have listened carefully and looked at the needs of our customers within the European market. One such major change is the existing wheel loader product design to provide the desired improvements. As a result, the new Doosan DL-7 wheel loaders take customer satisfaction to the next level. Industry-leading changes have been made to operator comfort, fuel economy, productivity and durability. With the innovative technologies that we have applied in the DL-7 series, we are clearly distinguishable with comparable machines compared to our competitors. "
New award-winning design
The new DL-7 series is the culmination of the complete redesign of the Doosan wheel loader range in ten years, with the exterior design in particular undergoing a complete transformation. The new external design has been applied to all models of the DL-7 series, which creates a three-dimensional effect with an innovative cover shape. A vibrant, dynamic image for the range. It has already received a lot of acclaim worldwide, such as in Germany winning the iF Design Award 2020, one of the world's top three design awards. And for the 'Best of the Best' in the Korean PIN UP Design Awards.
Increased productivity and versatility
The redesigned buckets with up to 7% more capacity for the seven new Doosan DL-7 wheel loaders allow for easier and faster loading with maximum bucket capacities from 2.8 to 6.4 m3. This provides increased productivity for a very wide range of applications.
These include moving and delivering soil, sand, aggregates and other materials to industry, recycling, waste disposal, construction and demolition, mining and quarrying. Doosan has a wide choice of options to deploy multiple attachments for optimum efficiency.
The Z-kinematik loading frame provides high lifting and lifting capacities, especially for heavy materials with a large dump angle for efficient solid material unloading. An optional High Lift arm is available for even higher and greater reach where versatility is required.
All new DL-7 wheel loaders are equipped as standard with a third remote valve function, which provides constant flow for a hydraulically actuated function. Operators can easily and comfortably control hydraulic work tools via the proportional switch on the joystick. A variety of tires are also available from leading global manufacturers to cover the widest possible range of conditions.
In addition, the new wheel loaders can be ordered with a choice of different counterweights - options include 300, 400 or 500 kg, depending on the application.
Excellent operator visibility
The new cab offers a vastly improved field of vision for the operator, blind spots around the cab are minimized and the glass window area is 14% larger compared to previous DL-5 models. The DL-7 wheel loaders also offer the option of electrically adjustable rear view mirrors for added safety. Full LED work lights are installed on the cab (four on both standard front and rear, with the option of six front and rear each). For increased environmental safety, LED lights are mounted on the rear hood with an automatic flash function when the wheel loader is reversing.
A compressor with air blower is available as an option – it is mounted in the cab and therefore easy to operate to blow clean the cab when needed.
New Spacious Ergonomic Cab Design
The cab of the DL-7 wheel loaders offers considerably more comfort in all respects. For example, the operating system has been improved with advanced electronic controls. The new Doosan Smart Key System on the in-cab control panel allows the operator to start the machine key-less, which among other things helps to prevent machine theft. The Smart Key system also offers remote door control, door lock locking, door search and opening and other optional functions. The control panel also includes two USB ports.
The new cab has a Grammer Actimo XXL seat which is adjustable with both horizontal and vertical air suspension. The ergonomic lumbar function and seat heating are standard in this DL -7 series. The seat features a 3-point seat belt with alarm icons that visibly illuminate on the new Doosan Smart Touch 8 inch touchscreen, which also shows the gauge panel. Everything with a new layout and fitted with anti-reflective glass.
Also standard is the new EMCV (Electric Main Control Valve) joystick which is fully integrated into the armrest, allowing smoother and more precise control of the load frame and attachments by the operator. Features are available through the EMCV system, including automatic backhoe bucket, bucket tilt kick-out, bucket catch stop position and shock prevention for greater operator comfort.
Designed to give the operator more precise control through simple operation, resulting in greater efficiency and less fatigue. The sensitivity of the ergonomic joystick controls are set and adjusted to the operator's preferences using the new Doosan Smart Touch touchscreen monitor. It is user-friendly and easy to read under all circumstances. The new touchscreen provides all the important settings and information the machine needs in one place. Such as the rear view camera, the information from the weighing system, the HVAC (Heat, Ventilation and AirConditioning), radio and Bluetooth devices and all other important information for the operator.
Overall, the redesigned interior provides a much larger, quieter and more comfortable environment, improving operator safety and productivity in all conditions. The larger space gives more legroom and has a larger storage space for, among other things, a cool-box position and the air conditioning system has been improved.
Higher performance
The LIS (Load Isolation System) provides a faster ride, with greater operator comfort and increased productivity through improved stability when the wheel loader is in motion. The loading frame is accommodated by a hydro-ergonomic accumulator that is linked to the hydraulic lift system, a so-called shock absorber. The benefits include shorter cycle times, higher performance and better fuel efficiency when running loading and transporting applications.
Featuring a five-speed automatic powershift transmission, standard HDL heavy-duty axles and enhanced traction with Differential Hydraulic Lock (DHL), the DL-7 wheel loaders perform exceptionally, especially in high-load environments. The differential hydraulic 100% lockout can be automatically engaged to automatic shifting without any operator action.
The optional independent oil cooler circuits of the front and rear axles provide low oil temperatures, oil filtration and extend the life of the axle components, especially for demanding applications such as loading and hauling long distances at higher speeds.
Improvements have been made to the propulsion system that allow the maximum speed of 40 km/h to be reached quickly and safely.
Full 3-year / 5000-hour warranty as standard
The renewed hydraulic system and thereby the most important parts provide a strong improvement in terms of durability and maintenance, which benefits the customer. In addition, the high reliability and quality of the new DL-7 wheel loaders are backed by a standard full 3 year / 5000 hour warranty.
Increased fuel efficiency
The power of the new Doosan and Scania Stage V 6-cylinder engines in the DL-7 wheel loaders offers up to 5% more fuel efficiency than the previous generation of machines while maintaining impressive torque output. The new engines meet Stage V emissions regulations without the need for exhaust gas recirculation (EGR), through the use of Selective Catalyst Reduction, Diesel Oxidation Catalyst and Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) aftertreatment technologies. The ash cleaning cycle on the DPF has been improved to over 6000 hours and the operator is fully informed about the status of the DPF via a soot level indicator on the new touchscreen display in the cab.
The new generation energy management system Situation Awareness Technology (SAT2) automatically scans the activity of the machine and adjusts the motor power according to 'real-time' analysis of the loading frame, pump pressure and output shaft, increasing productivity by 7% over the previous -5 model.
The Doosan Smart Guidance System (DSGS) is a new feature that analyzes driving behavior and informs the operator to achieve the highest fuel efficiency.
The Score-Graph shows the level of efficiency:
Orange 0-50% = Settings improvement highly recommended
Yellow 50-70% = Settings improvements recommended
Green 70-100% = proper operation and settings
DoosanCONNECT fleet monitoring system
The DL-7 wheel loaders are factory installed with the latest DoosanCONNECT TMS2.0 state-of-the-art wireless fleet monitoring system. The DoosanCONNECT system is a tool specially designed for fleet and asset management, which is very useful for managing the performance and security of machines and promoting preventive maintenance.

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