Doosan DX165W Electric for J. Veldhuizen

07 September 2022

The Doosan DX165W Electric has been delivered to J. Veldhuizen! One of the participants of the "Construction Site of Tomorrow. Father Jaap and son Jordi run the company and are fully committed to sustainability. In addition to the electric Doosan, they also have electric shovels and cars. A company in the Utrecht region that takes sustainability seriously. Below we tell you a bit about the company and how they see the future.


''My grandfather used to be a farmer and my father started an agricultural contracting business in 1956. He has always done that successfully and around 1970 he also started doing earthmoving for large contractors such as Mourik and KWS. When I was 18 years old, I joined my father's company. In 1994 we formed a partnership and 1999 I became the owner. That was a logical step for me, because by then my father was already 68 and was retiring. My son Jordi is now also in the business. That way it stays in the family," says Jaap.


For Jaap, sustainability is a new vision in which he and Jordi want to lead the way. ''We do dare to take on the adventure of making our company sustainable. This is not nothing and we are very aware of that. It requires substantial investments and daring to take a leap of faith together with partners. But we believe that this is the way to go. We have already taken the first steps. A bus, shovel, tire saw, waking rammer and vibratory plate are already electric so that we can already do the street work we take care of all electrically. We are also in the process of filling all the roofs of our premises with solar panels so that we can also immediately green charge all our equipment. The only thing missing was an electric excavator, so that we can offer the complete package.''

De Bouwplaats van Morgen

A long time back we announced that J. Veldhuizen is participating in the 'De Bouwplaats van Morgen'. Together with seven other companies, they will work with electric equipment and test its operation. Together with TNO, these research results will be shared and they can inform not only the Rijksdienst voor Ondernemend Nederland, or RVO, but also the industry. This way, the sector can learn from these cases and hopefully be able and dare to take the step towards emission-free more quickly. Especially in the inner city area it is becoming a hot item.

Doosan DX165W Electric

Initial findings of the Doosan DX165W Electric are positive for Jordi and Jaap. ''For the operator, it is an ordinary machine with which he can do all his work just like a diesel. We have a regular operator on the machine who quickly got used to it. During the vacations, another of our operators sat on the machine who also got used to it right away. The machine is very user-friendly, which is a big advantage in our eyes, says Jordi."

The biggest challenge in Veldhuizen's eyes is to create a power supply at the locations where they work that they can load with. ''It takes quite a big connection to get everything charged. So far, this usually works because it's only for one machine. If this becomes more in the future, it becomes difficult. We try to load everything as much as possible on location to keep transport movements and costs as low as possible, Jordi says.''

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