Doosan DX19 Electric is at the start!

25 September 2020

We are proud to announce that our Doosan DX19 Electric is also ready to hit the field. After passing all tests with flying colors, we proudly present this machine! The Doosan DX19 Electric is powered by an electric motor that delivers 15 kW of rated power and a constant maximum torque of 95 Nm.

The battery consists of LFP modules. The system voltage is 350 V and the available battery capacity is 32 kWh. By using a high voltage system, there is less loss and greater efficiency is achieved by the battery. As a result, according to our practical tests, the Doosan DX19 Electric can run on its battery for at least a day.

The Doosan DX19 Electric is now on sale. If you order now, you can start working on any project in six weeks! Are you curious what a running Doosan DX19 Electric looks like? Then quickly watch the video below!

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