Doosan excavators a sustainable asset?

29 August 2018

With September ahead of us, the last quarter of 2018 is already approaching and the question arises: Are there still investments on the wish list? It is still possible and an ideal time to invest in, for example, sustainable business assets.

The MIA\Vamil scheme encourages investments in environmentally friendly business assets and stands for environmental investment deduction, but what does this mean now?

First a theoretical explanation: the MIA\Vamil offers the possibility to reduce the taxable profit. You can deduct a maximum of 36% of the purchase amount from the taxable profit.

This percentage depends on the environmental impact and common use of the asset.

There is a so-called environmental list on the RVO website, which lists all machines that qualify for MIA\Vamil.

Did you know that machines that are not on the environmental list also qualify? This is sometimes because the entire model has not (yet) been approved, but the requirements of the MIA\Vamil can be met per machine.

Doosan, which has become the market leader in mobile excavators last year, has the following machines in its arsenal that meet the requirements of the MIA\Vamil:

DX27Z, DX30Z, DX35Z, DX140W-5, DX160W-5, DX165W-5, DX190W-5, DX210W-5, DX140LCR-5, DX235LC-5, DL200 and DL550-5.

A number of machines are therefore not (yet) on the environmental list, but do meet the MIA\Vamil requirements. So there is plenty of choice when it comes to sustainable business assets.

Indicate this to your dealer and you will also qualify for the MIA\Vamil scheme with the above machines. Keep in mind that the subsidy application must be submitted within three months of making the investment.

If you would like more information about this, please contact Lieke van der Zanden.

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