Doosan launches a new transparent wheel loader bucket

12 March 2021

  • New transparent tray increases user safety
  • Show the operator the blind spots at the front of the wheel loader

Doosan Infracore Europe has launched the first wheel loader bucket on the market with a safety system that makes the bucket transparent to the operator.

The blind spots caused by the wheel loader bucket make the front of the machine a dangerous place. Using the monitor in the cab, the new system allows the operator to see the blind spots at the front of the bucket. Two cameras filming from different angles use a new technique to merge images, so that they display a real-time projection. This makes it easy for the operator to see what is happening in front of his bucket via his screen.

This increases safety and prevents accidents. Another advantage of the Doosan transparent bucket is that it dramatically increases work efficiency because the operator can see exactly what he is doing during loading, unloading and moving.

Patents pending in Korea, North America, Europe and China
Doosan Infracore is the first company in the world to design a front view projection with a transparent tray that can be used on construction equipment.

Doosan has filed patents for this in Korea, North America, Europe and China.

Doosan has improved several advanced safety techniques such as the AVM system which provides good visibility around the machine with a warning system using ultrasonic sensors. These systems have generated positive feedback from a customer perspective.

A spokesman for Doosan Infracore said: ''Standards regarding safety for machines and construction sites are constantly increasing, making the advanced systems a key factor in selecting your fleet. We have plans to further develop the safety features to further protect operators and other workers in the workplace. We want to be at the forefront of creating a safe work environment without accidents.”

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