Doosan launches two new midi-excavators the DX50z-7 and DX55r-7

10 May 2022

Doosan Infracore Europe introduces the first of the new generation of Korean midi-excavators with new shared global styling. The DX50Z-7 5.4-ton and DX55R-7 5.7-ton Stage V models have been launched. The boom stays within the turning radius and the design is made to give you only a limited radius on the DX50Z-7 and DX55R-7 make them ideal for work in tight spaces on construction, landscaping and infra projects.

Both models are powered by the Doosan D18 Stage V diesel engine with an output of 36.4 kW (48.8 hp) at 2200 rpm. As a result, the Doosan DX50Z-7 and Doosan DX55R-7 offer the highest power and torque in their class and are suitable for a wide range of applications, including heavy-duty work. A new design with new upper construction has increased durability/ruggedness, and this is complemented in both new midi-excavators by a longer working range than other similar machines on the market, combined with higher lifting capacities and ground operations.

These machines also offer a high oil flow of 80 l/min to facilitate attachment work. Newly designed counterweights provide excellent machine balance and stability while working. An additional 200 kg counterweight is available for the DX55R-7. The DX50Z-7 and DX55R-7 midi-excavators not only offer the best performance, versatility, durability and ease of maintenance in the 5-6 ton range, but also feature a new, larger, more spacious cab, which provides excellent operator comfort and controllability.

New cabin with high comfort

The new DX50Z-7 and DX55R-7 midi-excavators are packed with innovative features. Nowhere is this more evident than in the new, very comfortable cab, which has a full glass entry door to maximize the operator's visibility. LED work lights on the cab further enhance visibility, and additional LED lights are available as an option. Key features of the new cab include:

  • An improved heating and air conditioning (HVAC) system.
  • DAB audio
  • Sunglasses case
  • 8-inch touchscreen
  • Luxury Seat
  • Joystick control of additional functions
  • A/C Control Panel Keyboard
  • USB charger & 12V socket
  • Folding pedals for more foot room
  • Sliding blade controls

The improved HVAC system is the best on the market and offers more options for controlling hot and cooling air. Larger vents are also used to ensure direct and sufficient airflow for the operator, and manual adjustment of opening/closing the vents is also possible. The HVAC system and DAB Audio can be controlled via the 8-inch touchscreen, and the view from the optional rearview camera can also be displayed on the latter. The monitor additionally displays the flow rate setting, which can be controlled in 10 steps with the joystick control.

New dozer blade and dozer blade controls

The DX50Z-7 and DX55R-7 midi-excavators feature a new dozer blade that offers both a higher lift height and greater digging depth than other machines on the market. The machines also feature a new dozer blade control lever. Using the dozer lever, the operator can select between low and high speed for the hydraulics of the leveling blade. Travel speed can also be selected using the row selector on the dozer lever. When the hydraulic oil pressure rises as a result of driving up a slope while driving in high-speed mode, the travel speed auto-shift valve automatically resets the travel speed to low to increase the operator's driving comfort and reduce machine load.

The dozer control also offers a new dozer blade float function: pushing the dozer lever all the way forward puts the lever in the arrest position and keeps the dozer blade in a "floating" position. Customers can also opt for the optional Dozer Lock feature, which prevents dozer blade creep. If the machine has the optional blade lock valve installed, the float function works. The swing angle and swing radius of the boom are better than or equal to those of other machines in this class. Visibility and workability are improved by increasing the extension distance of the bucket outside the tracks. Placing the boom swing cylinder on the left side of the cab allows the operator to work right against walls and other structures on the right side of the machines. The fuel tank and boom swing cylinder have been placed at the bottom of the cab, with the MCV now on the right side of the machine, improving visibility for servicing and working on the MCV.


The DX50Z-7 and DX55R-7 midi-excavators come standard with Doosan's latest DoosanCONNECT system, which provides a telematics management system for the excavators by collecting data from sensors on the machines.

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