Doosan unveils the new DX225LC-7 crawler excavator

24 June 2021

Doosan has launched the first of the new generation of medium excavators. The new DX225LC-7 23 tonne crawler excavator with stage V engine. Also, the DX225LC-7 is the first Doosan excavator of this size to feature Doosan's D-ECOPOWER technology. This technology allows operators to work with higher productivity and approximately 7% less fuel consumption per hour than the stage IV model.

In addition to higher performance and cost savings, the DX225LC-7 excavator offers more new features than other standard machines on the market. These features will also come on the new medium excavators in the future. These provide major improvements in machine control, versatility, operator comfort and greater return on investment with a strong focus on increasing productivity and robustness.

New heavier counterweight for working with tiltrotators
The new features of the DX225LC-7 include a 14% heavier 4.9 tonne standard counterweight which is especially suitable for working with heavier attachments such as tiltrotators. The heavier counterweight also provides increased lifting and digging capacity for the DX225LC-7 compared to the older generation. The DX225LC-7 also comes with a standard lifting eye at the end of the boom. The lifting eye has a maximum capacity of 5 tons and has a special insert to prevent deformation.

In addition to the improved stability provided by the new counterweight of the DX225LC-7, there is also a new smart hydraulic system that provides a 30% improvement in attachment work compared to previous models. The new system provides optimum hydraulic flow when the boom and attachment are operated simultaneously.

New tiltrotator modes
The DX225LC-7 has a new tiltrotator modes that can be selected for optimal hydraulic flow that aids in precise tiltrotator operations. These tiltrotator modes provide a special two-way flow so that there is no back pressure, giving you more control.

New swivel function
Another standard new feature is the fine swivel function. This ensures minimal shaking of the lifted object at the start and end of the swinging moment. This increases the safety of nearby employees, but it also helps against damage that could be caused by falling objects.

When the slew function is activated, the maximum slew speed can be achieved gradually. This prevents jerks in the movement, making work safer.

Improved comfort and control
The DX225LC-7's state-of-the-art cab is very spacious and takes operator comfort to the next level. This is partly due to a new high-quality chair. In addition to the new seat, the upgraded cab offers more features as standard than other machines on the market. These features provide even better machine control and high precision in all applications.

New cab features:

  • New 8-inch touch screen, provides more information through a 30% larger screen
  • DAB audio (Handsfree and Bluetooth)
  • Smart start system without a key
  • Leatherette refrigerated seat with seat belt warning alarm
  • Parallel wiser system and new design pendals
  • Improved airflow against freezing and air conditioning
  • 9x LED work lights as option
  • 4 more LED lamps as option
  • AVM – 360 degree cameras (option)
  • Ultrasonic obstacle detective (option)

Doosan D-ECOPOWER Technology
Doosan's D-ECOPOWER technology uses an electrically pressure-controlled pump within a closed center hydraulic system to achieve 26% better productivity with 7% less fuel consumption. This depends on which mode is selected. A closed center control valve minimizes pressure loss, while the electric pressure controlled pump optimizes engine power.

Improved operator feedback through the joystick provides enhanced control of the machine. The acceleration and deceleration of the excavator functions are smoother. This allows operators to perform more repetitive swing and dig movements with less jerking of the joystick.

New stage V-motor
To meet the new emissions regulations, the DX225LC-5's engine is Stage V compliant. The machine is powered by the latest generation Doosan DL06V diesel engine, delivering 129 kW (174 hp) at 1800 rpm. The DL06V engine offers a new solution to exceed Stage V regulations without exhaust gas recirculation, which increases the amount of air available during combustion.

This is combined with super-efficient DOC/DPF+SCR after-treatment technology to ensure minimal emissions. Thanks to the new technology, the maintenance of the diesel particulate filter (DPF) has been significantly reduced, now the particulate filter only needs maintenance after 8000 operating hours.

SPC3 smart power controls
With the Doosan DX225LC-7, Doosan has tried to ensure that the productivity of a good machine is combined with minimal emissions. Due to the improved fuel consumption of the DL06V engine in combination with a new hydraulic main valve and the new generation of SPC3 smart power controls, it provides an extra large fuel saving of +7% in S mode and +6% in P mode . These are two in the range of four power modes available on the DX225LC-7, making it easy to operate the machine. The operator can set P+, P, S, or E power modes in either one-way or two-way mode.

DoosanCONNECT telematics system
The DX225LC-7 comes standard ex works with the state-of-the-art DoosanCONNECT wireless monitoring system for your fleet. The system provides a web-based solution for the machine administrator that is very useful for monitoring the performance and safety of the various Doosan machines. In addition, also seeing when the machines are due for preventive maintenance. It is now available as standard on all new Doosan models from 14 tons.

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