Electric excavators the future?

04 March 2021

What is the current demand for electric vehicles? And what will we be like in 2025? In order to be able to anticipate what the future will bring us, it is important that we take a good look at the various sectors, but also at the development in the future. Research by ElaadNL shows that rapid growth is expected in the electrification of construction.

They do indicate critically that if we want successful electrification, good planning is required to ensure that sufficient power is available at construction sites in good time.

More and more European countries are showing that they are busy with zero-emission construction sites. Nevertheless, it is expected that this will go faster in the Netherlands than in the countries around us, because of the call from the government to build zero-emissions. A lot still needs to be done on the Dutch construction site, but we think we are on the right track with our electrical solutions. See the table below for the expected development of electrical construction equipment.

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