Episodes week 29

20 July 2020

Last weeks we were able to deliver many beautiful machines. Including the Doosan DX380LC-5 for Ravu Holding BV, this Doosan is equipped with Groeneveld automatic central grease lubrication TWIN, Eurosteel hydraulic quick coupler, Freshfilter Nederland multibox overpressure system and a nice footboard.
Secondly, a Doosan DX27z for Pittens, this Doosan is equipped with LED work lights, beacon with magnetic base and a hydraulic quick coupler CW05 with hook.
In addition, the following beautiful Doosans; the young used a Doosan DX225LC-5 for Hoffmann Bodemtechnieken BV and last but not least a Doosan DX10z for Reijnen Grondwerken.
Lots of good and safe Doosan operating hours!

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