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21 January 2021

The Twin lubrication system is standard equipped with, among other things, an electronic control unit with a database. All relevant data relating to the operation of the lubrication system is stored in this database. This data can be read with a Uni- or PC-GINA.

Recognizing malfunctions or discovering malfunctions

Recognizing a malfunction is very easy when you know where to look. These are the characteristics of a malfunction and how to detect it:

  • The warning lamp or the TWIN display itself shows a malfunction.
  • The grease level of the pump does not decrease any further.
  • A visual inspection of the bearings shows that no collar of fresh grease is present.
  • By simply reading the error messages stored in the control unit's database.
  • By requesting an error code on the warning lamp via the work mode push button or error codes shown on the Twin-3 display.
  • The warning lamp or all three LEDs including the 3-digit display no longer illuminate when the ignition is switched on.

The faults that we most often encounter in the automatic grease lubrication system are the faults/error codes E11, E12, E13 and E14 (+ Red light). They are listed one by one below. The uppercase A,B and C represent the cause and the lowercase letters represent the solutions. The cause can be solved by viewing and executing its lowercase variant.

E12 – No Consecutive Pressure in Line B

The error code E12 can be caused by three things

Caused by the pressure switch not closing during a greasing cycle in primary line B possibly caused by:

  1. A faulty/damaged primary line B.
  2. The Doseur has an internal by-pass.
  3. Trapped air in the pump or primary line B.

The solutions per cause

  1. Check the condition of the primary pipes and associated connectors. Replace or repair if necessary.
  2. Proceed to ''procedure when an internal system leak is suspected''
  3. Top up the reservoir until it is vented.
  4. Vent the pump and primary lines.

E13 – Consecutive Pressure Prior to Cycle in Line A

Caused by the pressure switch still closed at the start of a greasing cycle in primary line A.

Possibly caused by

  1. Damaged pressure switch wiring harness where the wires connect.
  2. 5/2-way valve is not working properly.
  3. Pressure switch failed/defective.

The solutions per cause

  1. Check the wiring and connectors. Replace or repair if necessary.
  2. Check 5/2-way valve and operate manually using a Uni- or PC-GINA. Replace or repair if necessary. '
  3. Check and or replace the pressure switch (valve).

One of the things that can happen is that there is air in the grease pot. This is a minor and easily resolved glitch.

Also check whether there is air in the grease pot, this is often the cause of the malfunction.

The step-by-step plan to remove air from the automatic grease lubrication

  • Step 1 : Look at the box inside the cabin. Is this flashing red? Look for the cause.
  • Step 2 : Check if the grease pot is full.
  • Step 3 : Open the grease pot.
  • Step 4 : Take a tie-wrap and place it between the glass and the side of the grease pot.
  • Step 5 : Run the tie-wrap along the glass and let the air out.
  • Step 6 : Close the valve hermetically again.
  • Step 7 : Top up the grease pot.
  • Step 8 : Set the TWIN to test mode 2 to remove all air from the system as well.

For more information about the maintenance of the Groeneveld grease lubrication, see the general manual under chapter 4, page 28. Here you will also find the other possible error codes with the correct explanation.

Want to know everything about this handy maintenance solution from Groeneveld? View the images and follow the steps. We also have a short instructional video about Groeneveld grease lubrication .

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