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17 March 2023

Waiting always takes a long time, but good work sometimes needs a little more time. And with a procedure like this, it is known in advance that it can take a little longer. But now it's finally here:

We are very proud to announce that the patent we have applied for: A detachable energy storage system, or: interchangeable energy storage system, has been approved by the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO).

For us, this approval is another confirmation and appreciation for what we are all working hard on here. It is a very nice, but certainly necessary step in the right direction of the path we are walking.

 Charging the battery with the use of e.g. solar panels at your own location

Charging the battery with the use of e.g. solar panels at your own location

The granted patent fits seamlessly with our battery, a unique technical design that makes it possible to use the battery on the machine, but that this battery can also be removed from the machine and used as a stand-alone battery. deployed. This means that the battery can be charged and discharged without a machine using the standard CCS2 connector. The battery can serve as both a master and a slave and this makes it possible to charge the battery with the use of, for example, solar panels at your own location.

Very good news and really something we can all be very proud of. We are therefore happy to show this visually by means of a patent designation by means of a sticker on the Energypacks themselves.

If you have any questions regarding this message or possibly other questions? Then contact us without obligation.

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