Guus van Schamp GWW about his work

05 May 2021

As a freelancer, Guus has been working for two years now and shortly after he started as his own entrepreneur, he immediately bought a Doosan DX140W-5 . "Yes, they also often say if Guus has something in his head, then it will just happen," says Guus. Guus previously worked for a company that is active in demolition and road construction. ''They did all kinds of things at my previous employer and I still do that now only for myself. I personally like that the best so that the work does not become monotonous.”

Own start
''Why I ever started for myself, yes haha I didn't actually decide that, it just happened. I was increasingly able to go out with my mini digger, which I used to use at Beunen next to my work. That got out of hand and then I was working alone with my mini digger and the requests kept coming. It should have been like that!"

''When I was looking for a new excavator, I came across Staad via the website. I already knew Staad from the region, but I did some searching on the internet. I then contacted your representative Johan. He helped me a lot in my choice when I visited the location. I had been to your location before during the Earth Resistance Days, which was also great fun back then, when it was still allowed. I actually came to look at a young used Doosan DX85R-3 midi digger, but after advice I went for a mobile. This one had just a little more body and is on wheels so that I am much more flexible.''

When asked are you happy with your Doosan, the answer is short but strong, ''I'm super happy with it, there's really nothing to say, just a top machine'', says Guus. In addition to the Doosan DX140W-5 mobile excavator, Guus also has a Doosan DX27z mini excavator. ''Yes, I also have a small Doosan that everyone is so enthusiastic about, that's really fantastic. That's a really nice size to have next to that mobile one. If this one is up to date for a long time, I would buy another one blindly.” Besides his Doosan, Guus is proudly in possession of a small tractor with a tipper. He just bought the tipper new so that it can be even more flexible for his customers.

Nice and flexible
When we visit Guus, he is excavating a driveway and he ensures that a foundation layer is applied by means of rubble. For this he uses his Doosan DX140W-5 mobile excavator, but he also ensures that the rubble arrives on site and that the sand is delivered to the sandbank. This allows Guus to carry out the entire project himself and is not dependent on other parties.

Very satisfied
Guus' client also came out for a while. ''He really has a heart for the work, you can see that right away. He sits in his machine all day with a smile from ear to ear. In one day he makes sure my driveway is ready to be laid. He collects the rubble himself and takes the remaining sand to the sandbank himself. That's great because I can't put a heap of sand here in the middle of the residential area."

nice band
My dream is not to become a big company. I have a boy who helps me on Saturdays and if he ever really wants to continue in this work I would consider hiring him full time but that is familiar. You will not see me hire ten people just like that, that would not be a pleasant job for me, says Guus.

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