H. Kuijpers BV from St. Oedenrode: from takeover to three new Doosan's

08 October 2019

The takeover of Beerens Grondverzet BV by the H. Kuijpers BV brothers has been known in the market for just as long. This company takeover was a big step for the brothers. Realization meant a doubling in manpower and machines. The Kuijpers brothers took a number of machines with them from the takeover, but they also consciously chose to invest in new machines.

Harm Kuijpers explains: " We would like to work with a young machine fleet. This means that we can guarantee our existing and new clients a reliable and high-quality deployment. Thanks to this investment, we can also happily send our employees on the road every day, because our machines "Comfortable and fully equipped. The machines meet the latest environmental, technical and comfort standards. We have purchased two DX170W-5s and one DX63-3."

Both Doosan DX170W-5 are supplied with, among other things, a turntable, pressure relief system, various buckets, hydraulic quick coupler, steel fenders at the front and rear, a reversible tow bar in the dozer blade and an extra large tool box. Harm adds: “One of the two 170s is fitted with a Topcon 3D-GPS system. The Doosan DX63-3 is a welcome addition to our equipment, here too a quick coupler has been built and we have bought a pallet frame, a sorting grab and a variety of buckets to optimize the machine's usability as possible."

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