How does hydrogen work?

11 October 2020

During the development of our electrical Doosan machines , we regularly get the question: Why don't you build hydrogen machines? Hydrogen is the future, right? We believe there is room for both techniques on the future construction site. Both machine drives are emission-free.

Hydrogen is an energy carrier. When you run hydrogen through a fuel cell, you get an electric current. You can use this current to charge your battery. You always need a battery with earth-moving machines, even in a hydrogen-powered machine. This is to deliver the energy peaks and to deliver sufficient torque to your electric motor. Basically, all our electrical machines are prepared for hydrogen. Three additional components are then added for working on hydrogen:
1. The electronics for controlling,
2. The hydrogen tanks,
3. The fuel cell.

Because it is currently very expensive to build hydrogen machines and because the cost price of hydrogen is still quite high, it is not profitable for us to build these machines. This can of course change in the future and then we are ready for it!

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