“I am proud that we can do this together”

12 November 2019

Kuub Grondwerken BV from Nuenen is specialized in the construction, adaptation and renovation of underground and above-ground infrastructure projects, cultural engineering works, robot walkways, groundwork for housing, and equestrian sports/riding grounds. Or as owner Toon Meulendijks (37) explains: “From creating a small garden to a gigantic infrastructure project: if we can solve a problem and unburden the customer, we are ready!” Toon explains that he grew up at home with machines from CAT. Yet for the past three years he has regularly hired a Doosan for the exclusive works that Kuub Grondwerken accepts. Why?

Show: “Why? Shall I say so. The most important thing we do is to solve our customer's problem. No matter how specialized a question is, we try to do everything we can to help the customer move forward. Don't have the machine at home to do the job? Well, that's the great thing, that's what they invented Staad for! Then we hire the right machine. I call Jeroen, tell him what kind of work we are going to do and that I think I will need a 45- or 60-ton crawler crane, for example. Jeroen thinks along and then helps me solve the puzzle. Really, that works perfectly. I can't wait to expand my machine park with countless machines that I have to keep running. I want to tailor my work and machines exactly to the demand. Staad, Jeroen and Johan make this possible for me.”

One step more

Toon does not want to be the largest in the region with his company, but he does want to be the best. “I think it's important that we deliver specialist work. I employ professionals, so we can do this too. Does a project sound difficult? Then we wake up. Problems challenge us and it motivates us to take it a step further.”

“I notice that Staad also uses this way of working and that everyone within the company is taking a step more, just like us. I like that and it makes us both better. I often spar with Jeroen about the fuel consumption of a machine or I give him feedback about the lifting function that a machine provides. Everything is in consultation. I am proud that this is possible. The knowledge within Staad, the appreciation and thinking along from A to Z, is one of the reasons that I have rented about fifty machines in recent years. From large to small , caterpillar or mobile . The experience is the same every time.”

Once, Toon had a thing. Toon: “Then the tank was not completely full when we picked up a machine, so we couldn't get started right away. After a phone call this was resolved within ten minutes. Then you see what you have in common.”

Specialist work, specialist machines

Toon continues. “I used to bulldozer with my father and stand on the footboard, so earthmoving is in my DNA. I think it's great that the machines we have in-house are specialists. For example, we will soon have our own electrical dismantling robot with which we can demolish the food industry without emissions and with precision.”

Toon thinks it's great that he hardly has to leave any work behind. “This is because we can always rent the right machine. We ensure that we do this in consultation in time, so that sometimes something can be built up ourselves. For example for the riding stables that we made a while back. For this, an extra function with return had to be built on the machine. Because we switch this on time, Staad can adapt this for us and we rent a machine that perfectly matches the work. In the end, we were able to finish this job really nicely.”

He keeps repeating that Toon thinks it is important that jobs can be finished to perfection. “Let's all make it fun. That's what it's all about, right? I don't want to put too much pressure on it, I want my people to make something beautiful. Always finish everything neatly.”

Solid growth

Toon is therefore optimistic about the future. “I see my company, not so much in size, but in terms of content growing much further and thoroughly. We continue to improve our quality and become even more specialized in what we do, so that we can complete a job. Everything in-house, I like that! We can get the equipment from Staad, but we have (and keep) the real specialists and precision mechanization in-house. Then we are really doing something!”

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