Invest in a Doosan and reduce your C02 emissions by up to 93% with HVO 100

10 February 2020

Are you already familiar with HVO? HVO stands for Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil and is the most sustainable diesel fuel at the moment. It is a fossil-free and low-emission alternative to diesel as we know it today. And good news! Since the beginning of February, Doosan has officially given permission and our machines from a DX140W to the DX380LC (from the – 0 to the – 7) can all run on HVO.

Extensively tested
In recent weeks, Doosan has conducted extensive testing in Korea, which shows that our machines deliver the same performance as with a diesel fuel. That is why the use of HVO is now also covered by the Doosan warranty. Does that look good! Running on HVO offers many advantages in the field of sustainability, such as CO2 reduction, but also lower emissions of harmful emissions such as particulate matter, NOx, soot and sulphur.

93% CO2 reduction
You can use HVO pure (HVO100) or mixed with diesel (HVO20, HVO30 or HVO50). The CO2 reduction is different here. For the image: with HVO20 you reduce CO2 emissions by 18%, with HVO100 the reduction is 89%. Proud news! Because: did you know that in combination with Traxx we achieve a reduction of 93%? Sustainability at its best!

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