Little thumb with big muscles - the Doosan DX10z

30 September 2019

The Doosan DX10z from gardener Aart-Jan Scholten. Looking for a handy helper for his landscaping business, Aart-Jan Scholten came across the smallest member of the Doosan family: DX10z. “Because it fits through any doorway and weighs little, but gets everything in its place.”

Gardener Aart-Jan Scholten makes beautiful work for his customers with his company Vallei Hoveniers. The result can be guessed; a full order book and long working days. To shed some light on that, the

young Bennekommer regularly relies on technology. “When I have to dig, excavate or demolish, I don't risk my back and precious time. Then I always hire a mini digger.”

Continue to rent or buy yourself?
Hiring a mini digger. It always sounded logical to Aart-Jan, until he once started doing the math. “When we have a bigger job, we often rent a machine for a week. In that week he stands still most of the time, but the rent counter continues to run.” Aart-Jan continued to calculate and came to the conclusion that having your own mini digger was interesting. “Because we make few operating hours, the depreciation is minimal. And we are no longer dependent on a machine rental company for the small excavator. In addition, we are assured of a three-year warranty on the machine. That is very nice." The gardener orientated himself on the mini digger market. Various brands were reviewed. “Then a friend drew my attention to the Doosan mini diggers. I looked at him surprised. Doosan? He turned himself on a 14-tonner and was very pleased with the machine. He also heard good stories from other operators about the smaller brothers of his mobile and the service provided. So then I looked on Facebook.”

Smallest digger of Doosan
On the social media channel, Aart-Jan read about an open day at the importer of Doosan. “I visited it, after which my eye fell on the smallest member of the family, the Doosan DX10z. After fifteen minutes of playing in the sandbox, the interest became serious. “It ran smoothly, thanks in part to the ideally placed joysticks. Such a machine was a godsend for me. We then made an agreement that I could receive the machine as a demo for a few days.” The young gardener tested the machine in the field for three days. “I spend a lot of time with private individuals. There a compact mini digger is perfect. But he must have muscles. He must not hiccup when harvesting conifers. Excavating a driveway should go smoothly. Well, the Doosan DX10z didn't make a sound.”

Beautifully sprayed in house color
Aart-Jan Scholten was convinced of the choice and decided to purchase the mini crane. He had the 1.2-tonne machine painted in the house colour, beautifully lettered and has now been running for a month and a half. What Aart-Jan particularly appreciates is the size of the mini-goods digger; at its narrowest it is 71 cm wide, 110 cm fully extended. This makes the Doosan DX10z the narrowest and widest in its class. “If necessary, he can go straight through the house. And fully extended, the machine is extremely stable. Perfect for harvesting.” Aart-Jan is also positive about the narrow ass. “Z stands for inside turner. When the machine is in the widest position, you don't have to worry about hitting something behind you."

Quiet and economical 3-cylinder
The Doosan DX10z also has plenty of power. Under the hood is a 10-hp 3-cylinder Kubota. “In addition to being quiet, the engine is also remarkably economical. The mini diggers I hired in the past liked a good gulp more.” Aart-Jan describes the smallest Doosan as powerful, both in terms of engine and hydraulics. “I've done some serious work with the Doosan DX10z, but I've never experienced a power shortage. He just keeps going.” Then the service. What Aart-Jan particularly likes is the servo control that is factory-fitted in the armrests. "Ideal! Once you're used to it, you won't want to be without it. A plus is that the armrests are adjustable in width and you can adjust the swivel pedal to your own liking. Even as a tall Dutchman you have a perfect seat.”

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