Martijn van Ham doesn't feel like an owner, we are one team

19 February 2020

On a sunny winter Monday afternoon we meet up with Martijn van Ham, owner of Hoveniersbedrijf van Ham. “I don't like to call myself the owner, haha, we're one team and I'm just part of that. We are with two permanent people and for the rest I actually work with freelancers, of course always with the same person. That way I can confidently deploy them on a project without having to be there all the time, which is great. I take care of the assignments and do the administration, but I prefer to just sit on the road. We do not have a regular operator for the Doosan DX10z . I myself sometimes sit on it, that's just how it works out and who is working on a project for which we need it.”

Tell us about the company, has gardening always been your passion?
“Originally I come from healthcare, I followed a training for that, but I have always helped a gardener from an early age and I have continued to do so. So one thing led to another and when the opportunity arose to start my own business, I grabbed it with both hands. We have been on the road for more than 10 years now. From small projects to large projects for companies, but also for private individuals. Everything from A to Z is included in our package; paving, groundwork, design, construction and maintenance afterwards, of course.”

Is there a project that you have had the opportunity to make that really stands out?
“Actually, every project is super cool to carry out, we make no distinction in that. Of course there are projects that stick with you from design to realization. You can find a number of them on our new website , take a look I would say. Distinguishing yourself is very difficult, there are so many gardeners you can go to these days. By making optimal use of our website and showing what we have to offer. I think that helps a bit. In addition to good quality and after-sales supply, of course.”

Everyone wants to deliver good quality, but what is good quality?
“We think it's important to look ahead and think along with us about what the customer wants with our experience and knowledge. To give a very simple example; We know what a tree does, how its growth progresses and how big it will eventually become, we take this into account in the design and construction. For example, in tillage, we first take a soil sample before we 'just' start laying grass. We then know what is in the ground, what the structure is like, etc. In this way our customers can still enjoy their lawn optimally in the long term. And we like to keep working. Of course, the Doosan DX10z also contributes to this, because the work then happens faster instead of first with the shovel. And as most Doosan DX10z users will agree, it's simply a joy to be able to set it so narrow. What is also an advantage is that the lifting cylinder is on the boom instead of at the bottom. That makes digging out logs a lot more pleasant. I would have liked to have been able to go a little higher with the boom, but hey, you can't have everything. We are working hard and find it important that our customers are satisfied with the result. If they are, then so are we.” 

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