Mechanic talking to Jelle

17 December 2019

Jelle van de Rijt is 29 years old and lives in Venhorst. Jelle has been working at Staad as a service technician since February 2019.

Now that winter is approaching, it is important that you can get started with your machine safely and reliably. For example, it is important that you pre-heat the engine when starting from cold. But that is of course not the only point of attention. Jelle explains what else you can pay attention to.

1. To prevent damage, it is important that there is no water in the coarse filter. You can check this preventively by checking that there is no water in the filter cover. If this is the case, open the drain tap to collect the water.

2. Not only the level of the coolant is important, but also the frost protection is sufficient. Use genuine Doosan coolant for this.

3. The colder it gets, the lower the battery capacity. Make sure that the battery terminals and ground cable are in healthy condition.

4. See and be seen. Stay alert that all lighting is working during the dark days.

5. A good view from the cabin is a requirement to work properly and safely. The right windshield wiper(s) are indispensable. Also make sure that the windshield washer fluid is at an adequate level and that the washers are functioning.

6.To keep warm, your stove is indispensable. For optimal operation, the cabin filters must be clean. If it hasn't been that cold before, check regularly whether your stove is heating properly.

Do you still have questions or need help after reading my tips and advice? Please call the service number and I will be happy to help you on your way!”

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