New Doosan DX27Z for Voets reinforced ground constructions from Rosmalen

08 January 2019

The new Doosan DX27Z is a first collaboration for Voets reinforced soil structures with Staad BV as machine supplier. At the company location of Voets we are in contact with Ron Voets about the new investment.

"For us, this purchase is a first acquaintance with Staad and Doosan. We do not only choose based on a brand, but certainly also on service and customer approach. We are located in Rosmalen and Staad is certainly extremely well represented in the working area, that is of course possible. not if you cannot guarantee quality. Definitely a reason for us to contact us so that we could look at the (im)possibilities of Staad/Doosan with this investment. The way Staad guided us through this purchase process gave us confidence and to this day they have fully lived up to that.

We don't have a regular operator on this Doosan DX27Z, but to be honest I haven't heard a bad word about it and it's well known that operators do speak up when it's different. In fact, our operators say that this Doosan DX27Z has the power of a 4-ton truck. That pleases me, satisfied operators also require a satisfied purchaser. For the moment, Voets and Staad have certainly found each other. The machine is delivered complete with an extensive package of buckets so that the Doosan DX27Z can be used optimally."

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