New Doosan DX57W-5 for Stal van Werven from Oldebroek

26 October 2018

Stal van Werven recently took a new Doosan DX57W-5 into use, supplied by Staad. In the yard of the stable in Oldebroek we meet Jan van Werven, he passionately tells about an article in a horse magazine in which the performance of a horse bred by Stal van Werven, Ezra van W, is extensively described.

As warmly as we were received, Jan also explains to us about the new investment of the Doosan DX57W-5. Jan about this: " I was actually looking for a young used machine, this purchase is mainly to support my daily work. Not only at Stal van Werven, but I also often use it on care estates. Je Maintiendrai , a project in which I am personally closely involved. During my search I came into contact with Staad's sales specialist, Cor Verbeek, who made me a unique offer of this beautiful Doosan DX57W-5 that I did not want to make any other choice. I was already familiar with the Doosan brand from infrastructure and recycling. I'm not going to wear this machine out in my working life, but I'll tell you that I'm going to enjoy it immensely with every deployment."

The 'Je Maintiendrai' Foundation sees it as its mission to provide promising care to young adult NAH clients (Non Congenital Brain Injury) and lonely and/or demented elderly people (and their partners) in Oldebroek and the surrounding area. This allows them, with guidance, to continue to participate in the society of the local community.

Young adult NAH clients get (again) a perspective on their future with the necessary care and guidance. The aim is for them to return to society as fully as possible after a while within the limits of their possibilities. They are motivated and made resilient to lead a meaningful life independently. The motto in the reintegration process for each other.

Staad Groep is the official importer and dealer of Doosan earth-moving machines. We offer you optimal performing machines that help our customers to be successful. This is possible with new, used or rental machines, but we would also like to be your partner for service, maintenance, parts and financing issues.

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