Niels van NVS demolition and Infra dares to take the risk

08 April 2021

We visit Niels, 33 years old, and his Doosan DX170W-5 . Since April, Niels has started his own company NVS demolition and infrastructure. ''I was actually self-employed before this, but then as a contractor. I noticed more and more that I was already doing everything myself, from counting work to executing it. That is why I took the step in April to start completely for myself, according to Niels.

At the moment Niels is demolishing at a location in Reusel. Here he has to demolish the old stable and house for a farmer, which was no longer habitable due to fire damage. Niels thinks demolition is the most beautiful thing there is. His previous project was in Oisterwijk where he removed 2000 meters of shed/showroom and after this project he will move on to a project in Heeswijk-Dinther where he will remove 3000 meters of stables. So he does not sit still and continues to work. But it is quite difficult to keep going with your own works all year round. So in addition to taking on his own work, Niels also rents out himself as an operator with his mobile excavator. In this way he stays busy all year round.

then to now
At 16 Niels all goes box, meantime, he is 33 and he has the necessary experience. ''I started with a contractor in Haaren. In 2008 I started working at Reyrink in Haghorst. I went there for a short while in 2015, but came back at the end of that year as a self-employed foreman and made the switch last April to start my own business,” says Niels.

Zero regrets
''I ended up at Doosan with a comrade. I used to yell 'Doosssonde' really loud at people who bought a Doosan, but I have to say I was wrong. I am super happy with my Doosan. Initially I actually ended up with Staad more than with Doosan because everyone speaks so highly of Staad 's services. That was one of the reasons for me to give a Doosan a try. I don't regret it to this day."

''I am super happy with my Doosan DX170W-5 wheeled excavator and extra happy that I also have outriggers under it. This really completes the machine for me. I have always been on a crawler excavator before and that is usually always a lot more stable, but because of the outriggers my machine is now really perfect. I then opted for a mobile excavator because I wanted to be more flexible and I think I can make more enjoyable work with it. In addition, it has become this weight class because with demolition I need just a little more power and weight to be able to do the work nicely and when I put my dozer blade and outriggers on the ground during demolition, I am so stable, that's real super! For example, I have a 1400 kg sorting peg, but the machine doesn't really notice that, just to indicate what the Doosan can take. And a few months ago I also put wells of five tons and they were no problem for my mobile excavator to place."


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