No mountain too high for Daanen Altforst BV

31 March 2020

The Doosan DX300LC-5 of Daanen Altforst BV demolishes and breaks, but still shines from afar

We enter a site in Nijmegen where Daanen Altforst BV is working and see everyone driving around with a smile. What is going on here? “We all do something we love! Then you get that.” Says Eef Daanen, owner of the company. He himself has switched from the office back to his shovel - the reason for his smile. Does the Doosan DX300LC-5 that we see at work a little further on also bring a smile? “If it's up to our driver John (one of the two), do you see him? It's hard to get him off!"

Demolish, break and sieve
Every large chunk of rubble is carefully crushed in Daanen Altforst's crusher. “Cool to see, huh?” says Eef Daanen. “Our operator John, with his Doosan DX300LC-5, digs for demolition waste below him and turns to the start of the crusher. There he empties his bowl. We then have certain sieve positions, so that the rubble waste comes out of the machine in different sizes. Fine grains, larger grains – we sort it all. This means that we can reuse all our demolition waste. We use concrete rubble to make raw materials for new concrete in any desired size. We do the same with asphalt, after processing it is used as a raw material for new asphalt”. Daanen Altforst BV processes the other stony waste into mixed granulate, with which paving layers are created.

In order to be able to work well in their circumstances, Daanen Altforst made the bucket themselves on the Doosan DX300LC-5 . Home-made? "Yes. Our operator John indicated that he found a bucket with six tines to work better than with five tines. This makes it easier to get into the demolition waste, other bins were too shallow. Well, then we're not the hardest. We couldn't really find this anywhere and then we started making it ourselves.”

Daanen Altforst BV does its best to keep its machinery up to date. Eef: “We started recycling rubble in 2006. Then we had a small rubble breaker, but we were actually too hasty for that. So investing in this system was a lot of work. But it has brought us a lot, so that we can also put our three Doosan's to work nowadays.”

“The work of this Doosan DX300LC-5 requires sufficient capacity and a large support base for the machine. With a smaller excavator, both are less.” Eve continues. “The piping of the machine has been pushed out a little more,” he says. “We also wanted an overpressure system, stainless steel plates and an extra lamp on the underside of the spoon handle, so that we can keep a good view of the bucket in the dark. This is important because, for example, we have to make sure that no large pieces of iron get into the crusher. He's allergic to that."

“Before we bought our Doosan's, we were running a different brand of machine. One day in mid-December, it was 42 degrees in operator John's cab. 42 degrees! The AC worked backwards – it was a heater. A software error said the dealer. Yes, great, but we were sweating. And it failed to solve this problem in a considerable amount of time. I want my boys to be able to work decently and to look good, so that they can happily finish their hours. Then I transferred to Doosan. That choice was simple.” “The great thing about Doosan and Staad is the fact that I feel like they are a small club together and understand our business. And more importantly, they understand our working conditions. We cannot just stop our crusher and our sieve for a 500-hour service on our crawler excavator. Then the whole process comes to a standstill and that costs a lot of money. They understand this at Staad and that is why the service technician visits us with equal ease in the evenings or on Saturdays. Joost often comes. Good guy who understands. That's nice work, just the way it should be. ”

family business
In 1983 Nol Daanen, father of Eef, started the company. The work consisted solely of supplying clay to brick factories, performed with one old truck. This expanded to earthworks and at a certain point Nol and Eef had a regular customer base active in the demolition sector. Daanen Altforst currently employs six people. Eef's brother also drives a shovel and Eef's son is working in the office. “Luckily, at one point I had so many phone calls in one day. It's great that he's doing this now and I can keep myself busy with my shovel." Daanen Altforst BV has four crawler excavators, one mini digger, one midi digger, two shovels and a mini shovel. “We work with this throughout the Netherlands. From the Eemshaven in Rotterdam to Middenmeer, The Hague, Bergen op Zoom and here in the region. All regular customers.”

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