On location with Ron Hoeijmakers and his Doosan DX10z

17 August 2020

We meet Ron in Lottum , where his father's company, Twan Hoeijmakers, is located. Ron has always helped here from an early age and started working there even after his training. Until he got the itch to start his own business.

“Over the years I have gradually expanded my working area. I am often busy with returning customers and left and right there is something more. That way we keep busy. I don't like being on one project for very long, it's the fast turnaround time that makes it so much fun. My independence is what I like, that's why I don't have 'colleagues', but I use freelancers when I have taken on work that lends itself to that.”

At what point did you decide you needed a Doosan DX10z?
“There was already a 1-ton excavator among my work equipment and it needed to be replaced. I compared several brands and eventually I ended up with the Doosan DX10z , which had slightly more advantages for me than the competitor brands. The servo control was a big plus and that it can also be very narrow, refueling from the outside is ideal and since I'm a bit larger than average, it is also pleasant. The only thing I sometimes run into is the sliding blade, it is not solid enough for me, for example, when too much sand gets in between, it doesn't always work that easily. But you keep small things anyway, and if I have one thing to criticize, that's it. We'll survive, haha. I also opted for the extra LED lamps because it is much more pleasant when I work in a dark room or I am still busy in the evenings in winter. Then a little extra light is desirable. I kept the 1 tonne excavator that was due for replacement. Always easy when I need to use the breaker or when the job is big enough for us to use both.”

Do you have any tips to set yourself apart from the rest?
“Not really, I just take care of myself and focus on the work. I always try for myself to think about how I can do things more efficiently. So do as much as possible with as few machine movements as possible. If it's too easy for me, I don't like it, I have to be able to think and not work on autopilot."

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